ResourcesThe Importance of Knowing Different Types of Data

The Importance of Knowing Different Types of Data

All data is not created for the same purpose and has different values in terms of usage and future needs. A good analogy would be two different people with varying qualifications working at the same place. Each person is placed at an appropriate post for their skill set to accomplish the necessary tasks. When a company fails to delegate tasks accordingly, then resources are wasted and diminish the chances of success.

Why is it necessary?

In simple terms, it is not wise to treat all data with the same level of importance because some data might not even be needed. We want our businesses to be as cost effective as possible by not wasting unnecessary storage space with useless information.

A Simple Solution to the Problem

Data protection should be done in groups ranked according to importance for the company.

For example, top priority data which is critical in running the business Category-I where it is constantly available. This kind of data should be sorted out and stored on a device that is easily accessible, can be swiftly restored, and is most frequently backed up.

Category-II data is considered as non-vital, and it can be further sorted out into files that need to be stored and those that can be deleted. Categorization saves a lot of space and prevents unnecessary backup. If some of the data becomes less important for the company, then it can be moved to a lower level on a less expensive storage space which leaves the expensive medium for the most important data.

Proper Planning

What should companies consider while looking for a data protection solution? In the light of previous discussion, choose the provider who will make the most cost effective process by following a set of protocols that prioritize data according to need. Sorting can be automated by putting data into lower or higher categories, but must still comply with the requirements of the company. Proper planning ensures easy and transparent access while following data retention guidelines and reducing cost.

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