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How to Find a Reliable IT Vendor

Outsourcing is not just an option but the best solution for every business to speed up growth in a cost effective manner. Flexible service options is just one of the key factors that distinguishes the best vendors from the good.

Why do you need an IT vendor?

The threat of a cyber security breach is more imminent than ever before which is why personal data should be protected by all means necessary. Most companies hire vendors to make sure that their services are excellent and meet the expectations of their customers.

How to know which vendors are reliable:

To ensure that your private data is shared with trustworthy third parties, it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge of the potential company that you will be working with.

  • Does the vendor undergo any sort of audit? If yes, then how many times. A compliance audit such as SOC 2 Type II shows the integrity of a company.
  • What is the recovery plan of a vendor in case of a disaster as well as its business continuity plan?
  • What is the vendor’s service level and certification? A good vendor’s experience aligns with your company’s goals.
  • What are the goals of the vendor with respect to performance? What are the exit provisions located in the service level agreement?
  • What is the company’s model for disaster recovery? When was the last time that they tested their model?
  • Research the company’s experience profile which includes devices used and clients dealt with.
  • Ask for details about data storage such as time in storage.
  • Are the personnel who handle the data experts or not? Did they undergo a background check for the safety of your employees?

This list can be tailored according to needs of your business, but knowing these things can make a huge difference in keeping your data, which is ultimately your client’s data, safe.

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