Cyber Security

Using industry leading Critical Security Controls (CSC ) guideline with Qualys software capabilities, we have built our cyber security solutions with business continuity as a top priority. Our fundamental tools provide protection through asset management, software inventory, system hardening, continuous vulnerability management, and monitoring and audit of system logs.

Asset Discovery

Let us confirm all of your business IT assets to insure critical protection of your confidential information. With an easy-to-follow digital inventory of authorized and unauthorized devices and software, you can rest assured that your business stays on top of asset security license renewals, hardware refresh, and points of vulnerability within the business infrastructure. With systems being wireless, we can actively monitor and control your account.

Continuous Vulnerability Assessment and Remediation

With the importance of technology growing in the business environment, hackers are actively looking for weak points to infiltrate your business system. We will assess, identify, and find a remedy for any overlooked, potential sources of network invasion. By establishing and renewing daily cybersecurity defense logs, we can proactively work towards secure trends in our monthly team meetings with reports about your company’s cybersecurity.

Intellegens Inc. prides our services with top-of-the-line cybersecurity protection. To formulate multiple layers of security, we start with a strong foundation in the network perimeter through a managed firewall, active network oversight, and robust network inspections. Furthermore, we grow your network security through live monitoring systems that include anti-malware software, boundary defense, DNS filtering, DDOS, and anti-spam protection. By controlling use of administrative privilege and employing secure configurations for hardware and software, we further decrease chances of system infiltration.

Network Security

Intrusion Detection

We want to get ahead of any potential security threats by staying on top of the game with active subscriptions that utilize daily security scans of your system that proactively monitor for intrusions that include data breaches, ransomware, and crypto lockers. Your peace of mind will be secured, knowing that even with the unlikely chance of intrusion in our highly protected network, we will find and eliminate any potential threats to prevent data loss.

At the hands of our technology experts, we offer essential services to keep endpoints and entry points such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices secure from malicious attacks. By partnering with leading companies in the field such as McAfee and Bitdefender, you can trust your business in our hands.

End-User Security

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