Disaster backup and recovery

To prepare for emergencies before they happen, we provide a complete backup and disaster recovery plan, customized to your business.

Disaster Relief

In order to provide your company the very best data recovery system, we must consider the number of servers, levels of data recovery, and the number of networks affected by the disaster. We even prioritize file recovery according to urgency and sensitivity of the operation and client needs.

With our backup and disaster recovery services, you can feel relief within a matter of hours as we quickly restore your system, files, and data; a task that used to last a day or even more.

We know that a delay in business can cause you serious problems, so we take pride in putting the needs of your business first.

Disaster Prevention

A smart backup and disaster recovery plan includes regular cloud backups which we complete at regular intervals. Well maintained backups allow easy file recovery, even if lost files are initially “non-recoverable”.

A proper disaster recovery plan reduces the recovery costs to a minimum. For timely hard drive data recovery, we will regularly monitor your networks and important servers.

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