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For a business that is often on the go, Intellegens Inc. will provide timely, on-site visits to satisfy your IT needs. In addition to providing your business confidentiality for its valuable information, our software can help grow your business with the necessary infrastructure for smooth weekly meetings to meet project deadlines within the budget constraints.

Metal Building Software, Inc.– For the best customer experience in the construction industry, use this program to complete design, detailing, costing and drafting of steel framed buildings

PrognoCis– This software contains everything that an individual practice could need such as a referral management system, consultations from any location, procedure template library to individualize daily workflow, patient portals, medical billing, and e-prescription.

  • Cloud-based, HIPAA compliant and Meaningful Use Certified
  • Out of the box solutions are also included such as Practice Management, Telemedicine, Medical Credentialing, e-faxing, and texting

Healthcare - PrognoCis

Patients are our number one priority. Our technology software ensures HIPAA compliance, so that your patient’s confidential records remain in safe hands.

Healthcare - eClinicalWorks

From charting, billing, and transfer of patient information, you can count on Intellegens Inc. to provide you with a system that increases efficiency and reduces spending.

eClinicalWorks– An easy to use electronic platform to manage patient health records, patient engagement, population health, revenue cycle, and telehealth.

  • Especially recommended for newer practices
  • Used by 80,000+ clinics around the world
With experience in integrating multiple softwares necessary for business, Intellegens Inc. will provide a smoother work environment than ever before with non-existent data loss and downtime which means your projects can be done according to schedule.


The production line in the manufacturing businesses needs constant surveillance and upkeep to keep functionality at peak performance. Considering the multitude of vendors that work with your company, your business needs sound IT infrastructure for vendors to depend on.

Legal - LexisNexis

Our encryption software is top of the line since our company understands the tight security that comes with protecting your client’s sensitive information.

LexisNexis- As a premium legal program, you have access to the latest research in the field for guidance in your cases and even support in producing patents.

  • The graphics of the program are uncomparable with comprehensive editorial analysis that provides a customizable search experience to save you time and align with your search needs

Accurint– As an extension of LexisNexis, this program will help your law firm have a direct link to public records for verifying identities, detecting fraud, and pursuing investigations.

  • Online training is provided with a support team to help you maximize the potential of your business
  • Comes with the most up to date information on businesses and people as far as knowledge of associates, assets, and even relatives

Legal - Accurint

Alongside safety, our next priority is data backup to prevent loss of information, and implementing a system where client file communication becomes effortless.


To help grow your local business, Intellegens Inc. has the expertise in providing a stress free IT environment. The satisfaction of your customers keeps you in business, so we will provide you with abundant virtual space to ensure that your system never crashes when customers need it the most.

AIM– The absolute necessaries for a retail experience with solutions that offers inventory control, automated purchasing, customer management and loyalty programs, sales reporting, employee security, and more.

  • Has the options of choosing a base package and integrating ad ons for an additional charge
  • With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry, AIM can help your private music store with long term rental contracts, service and repair, a supplier catalogue, and much more

WolfePak– All in one software that was specifically made to manage accounting in the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Simplifies Revenue Distribution, Billing & Financial Reporting

Petra– A software solution for managing, manipulating and visualizing integrated geological, geophysical and engineering data

  • Helps users with oil related exploration, exploitation, infill drilling, reserves analysis, unconventional plays, production analysis, and more

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry is the heart of Houston’s economy, and we value the people who depend on it for employment. With our industry leading software and support, your company will be able to stay competitive in a fluctuating market.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas Industry is the heart of Houston’s economy, and we value the people who depend on it for employment. With our industry leading software and support, your company will be able to stay competitive in a fluctuating market.

OFM– A Schlumberger software that helps petroleum engineers and geoscientists turn data into decisions that can improve oil and gas field performance throughout the entire life cycle

  • Better analyze visuals of wells and completions
  • Two-way transfer of data between different disciplines

TotalRod– effectively and affordably manage well and battery information, improve results, save costs, and increase revenue

  • An easy to use program which replaces separate Well Management and Production Gauging programs, spreadsheets, word documents, and emails

Avoid slowing down your business so that check ups, scans, surgeries, and prescription orders are completed as fast as possible because our animals are our priority.


With top of the line technology, you won’t have to worry about security downfalls and data loss. As people are more ready to spend on their animal friends, network downtime is a huge source of profitability loss.

Other Industries

No matter the size of your business, from one employee to over a thousand, our industry specialized IT support will make your company feel like part of our family. Even if we do not have current experience with your specific business, we are experts in the IT industry and promise to find the cutting edge software and provide support that cuts down costs and increases efficiency of your business.

If you feel like Intellegens Inc. has not completed our mission, we have no contracts unlike most Houston IT companies, so we respect your option to terminate services.

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