Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

Remote and On-site Desktop Support

In a virtual world of communication, life seems like a scene out of a Sci-Fi movie. People work, interact, and share ideas through the web while being physically apart by thousands of miles.

Why should logs and reports be maintained?

We believe in the importance of maintaining a complete log of all encountered problems over time with applied solutions. Detailed reports are created and periodically shared with our clients to reveal the occurrence of hidden patterns.

For example, if a particular system starts crashing too often, we could be facing a bigger hardware or software issue. Intellegens Inc. targets to fix problems before any major damage occurs such as loss of data and resources.

Printer Management Systems

By connecting a web browser to the network, all your employees will be able to share the printer facility from any device. With a quick installation of the internet printing protocol (IPP) by our team, your company can start managing printer connection to the shared network.

Our Technical Support Manager

With the best technical support manager in Houston, your IT worries will go away after we implement our cost reducing approach in maintaining laptops and desktops systems.

Some of the common tasks performed by our manager include:

Just imagine how much time you’ll be saving which can be used to work on elevating your business.

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