What is Peer to Peer File Sharing?

P2P file sharing is a way to share files, documents with multiple peers (computers) at a time that are networked together. It is very different from conventional networks that relies on central server for sharing. Every peer in the network can share files and documents with others at any time, the other peer will view or download the document files whenever it connects.

Why P2P file sharing?

When you have large user base and it is impossible to send files and documents to recipients at a time or when the central server is not powerful enough to support file transfer then peer to peer file sharing is a safe haven for files sharing.

Characteristics of peer to peer file sharing

Seeds and trackers: P2P connection utilizes seeders and leeches relationship from one computer to another. Seeds are those computers that host files. Peers are the systems that downloads files from other computers or sometimes host a little segments of files for some time. While the database of every file and networked computers are maintained efficiently by the systems called trackers.

Benefits: Peer to peer file sharing ensures fast downloading, saves time, energy of a powerful server and distributes files evenly on every networked computer.

It allows businesses to share a lot of files and documents with a large group at same time which was impossible in past.

Threat: However, there is a threat of piracy that needs to be scrutinized in detail by every firm using peer to peer file sharing as many pirated files can be easily downloaded through it which is illegal.

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