Two Connections, Specially Fast ones, are Better than One

From the earlier forms of the slow internet to the infant form of DSL and advanced modern devices, we have come a long way in technology of communication. Internet has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, do shopping and manage our other common tasks.

It started just from sending small packets of data form one place to another and then it took its modern form in the late 1980s to earlier 1990s. Earlier it was only used by limited companies because of restrictions. Now we cannot imagine speeding up our day to day working without this invention. Such heavy dependence means that we suffer a lot if internet does not work even for a short duration of time or even if the speed is slow as compared to our needs.

Redundancy useful or waste of money?

The word redundancy by itself depicts something that is extra and not needed. Network and internet redundancy is addition of extra components which are not strictly required but they work during hours of need. When the original network or connection does not work due to various reasons then redundant connection takes over to ensure smooth running of any function that depends on the internet.

Extra connections and cost of other hardware adds up to the running cost of the project. However if we consider the use of internet in almost every aspect, especially by large companies and business, redundancy is beneficial for long term planning.

The Need for Redundancy

A simple damage to a wire can result in loss of connection. Similarly internet service could be down due to various reasons resulting in slowing down of work. There can be problems with hardware running the network and internet. It encircles all the unplanned failure of network.

Wasting time in business can result in loss of investment, clients or both so all the aforementioned reasons can be damaging if not dealt with properly. The need arises from this simple need to ensure that all functions are running all the time and an alternate path is always available.

Speed as an Extra Bonus

Those of us who have used dial-up modems know for a fact that work connecting to the internet now, is much easier than it was few years ago. This simple fact is enough to prove that faster speed is needed for maximum performance.

With faster speed, the time can be cut shorter and hence more useful interactions can be carried out. Companies can deal with more costumers, make more transactions and carry out necessary work in a smaller time. This is also beneficial for the customers as their precious time is saved and a stronger bond is established with the company. It is an investment worth making to travel with the speed of this era where everyone is busy and wants maximum working in a short span.

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