Things to Know about Your IT Vendor

Outsourcing has been solution to many problems for quite a while now. It is not just a solution but also an option for every business to speed up many processes in a cost effective manner. Constant evolution of every process has also involved outsourcing now and changes in practices are even changing the face of digital outsourcing. Customers are inclined to flexible service delivery. Last but not the least; they want to invest in an ongoing process rather than on capex.

Why Should you Know About Your IT Vendor

The threat of cyber security breach is more than ever before and that is why personal data should be protected by any means necessary. Most of the companies hire vendors to make sure that their services are excellent, spot on and meet the expectations of their customers.

How to Know Which Vendor is Reliable

To make sure that you are sharing the vital data with a third party that is trustworthy, you have to get in depth of these issues. You ought to know these things about the company

  • Does the vendor undergo any sort of audit? If Yes then how many times. One thing to mention here is compliance audit such as SOC 2 Type II.
  • What is the recovery plan of vendor in case of disaster and any business continuity plan?
  • What are the vendor’s level of service and certification? These things are critical because these should align with your company
  • What are the goals of the vendor with respect to its performance? What has it planned for remediation and exit provisions in the service level agreements?
  • The model of disaster recovery followed by the company. When was the last time they tested their model?
  • Experience profile of the company including what they used and with whom they dealt with.
  • Details of data storage like for how long they keep the data.
  • The personnel used to handle the data. Is it expert or not?
  • Recruitment process of the company and proper background check so that the workers are reliable.

The list can be tailored according to needs of the business and company but knowing these things can make a huge difference in keeping your data safe. It ultimately ensures that the data of customers is safe.

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