Are You Sure that Your Disaster Recovery Plan is Ready and Working?

When you are managing a huge database and handling a large volume of business then just think for a moment what would happen if there is a failure. In fact the real question should be that what will happen if there is a failure and there is no backup plan. Maybe it takes 1 hour to come back online and by then many customers have been lost to competing websites. Maybe it takes much more than expected time and the loss gets multiplied many times.

Understanding Concept Of Disaster Recovery

The world of IT does not fall short of being prone to disasters which can come from harm to physical components of computers as well as data and software stored on devices. Luckily, unlike real world disasters, the only thing left after a storm in IT world is not just rubble, provided you had anticipated the event and planned ahead. This planning ahead is called disaster recovery. It is like a duplicate which can start working in an instant if the original working is stopped due to any reason.

Stay One Step Ahead

The real thing is not to just create disaster recovery plan but to test if it is enough in case of real time scenario. Holding meetings just to discuss the details never point out the flaws to full extent. Real time drills are a necessity if the plan is to be fully implemented and corrected. Experienced tech persons always stay one step ahead of any kind of obstacle.

Recovery Can Be Much More Than Just Staying Online

Disaster recovery does not stop at just coming back online after failure. It does not mean recovering partially from the wounds and then limping your way till the original injury is repaired. It means getting back on your feet in fraction of seconds even if it’s from most fatal wound. If it is a business company then it means that not even a single transaction, in a fraction of second, is lost to another company even during the biggest failures.

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