Something to help your customers and keep you in business

The best part of advancement in technology is that there are a lot of options for all kind of people. Many people want to operate their businesses but they cannot afford all the expensive hardware and software that is usually deemed necessary to handle all the working.

However, they do not want their customers to leave them because their support was not adequate or on time. Those who do not want to go for the option of call center can opt for Live chat platform. It may sound expensive but these few can be checked out for free or freemium options.


One of the best recommendations for anyone who is trying to set up live sales and support section while looking for affordable rates. The benefits include directing customers to sales agents or professional helpers and hence the only cost is of the staff pay. It has the advantage of easy integration with Desk, Zendeck and eCommerce platform. The disadvantage only being that staff is needed to operate. If someone cannot do the staffing himself then there is 10 dollars/hour of fee for their help.


It is great to have this all-in-one software because not only it provides great live chat software but also great support via email and phone which is especially necessary for new entrepreneurs. Chat sessions can be turned into customer service tickets. Chat transcripts can let you know what help do customers need more often. However the feature of customization is missing from many aspects which can be viewed as negative by many. Overall it is one of the preferred choices when it comes to customer care.

IM Supporting

Those who are looking for live chatting services only can try this software. Like a specialist it covers many areas of live chatting such as real time visitor monitoring, offline messaging system and making sure that user are queued. Handling multiple chats is easy and efficient. A quick peak at what the customer is typing, prepares you in advance. The software does lack all the features of a total customer support package and it does cost if you want to keep using it.


A Software with a lot of options even in the free trial. The good things included are easy chat forwarding and emailing transcripts, different designs to choose from, suggestions and search window for quick search.

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