Risks to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has emerged to be the best storage options the world has in this age. Be it small, medium or large enterprise, every organization seem to rely a good percentage of their activities and functions to be stored and regulated by cloud storage. From offering the backup in times of disaster and reducing the downtime to minimum, cloud computing is also about latest developments and mode of communication. It would be suffice to say that after internet ease of accessibility to masses, cloud computing is a revolutionary advancement in IT world that has changed the meaning of work hours, communication and documentation sharing and transferring. With cloud computing, every task takes less time as it once used to take, yet it is efficient and very convenient in indescribable ways.

Dangers faced by cloud storage

Like all good things, cloud storage also faces some serious issues that are becoming stronger and greater. The risk associated with cloud storage are:

Human error: “human resource is the biggest resource” is the popular belief that is true in many ways, however, human resource is the one who face extreme difficulties in adapting, accepting and embracing latest technological developments. The developments reduce their work load by bringing in more efficiency and accuracy, it also possess some serious threat to various job positions. Employees complained that they sometimes over or under use the cloud storage capacity as there is no specific office policy about that. Moreover, they tend to store, share and transfer more data than they should, it makes the server loaded and slow. This is damaging to the cloud storage reputation.

Lack of employee empowerment: employees face issues in operationalizing the services of cloud storage because of some organizational barriers and IT literacy. Employees must have power to access, share, grant access, retrieve and alter the documents or files stored in cloud without asking the permission from IT staff every time. Cloud storage usage is at risk in this case where employees don’t feel competent enough to handle the cloud, so they would prefer to manage and run the things in a conventional way.

Public storage vs private storage: since organizations are not clear about their requirements and business needs, they fail to choose between private and public cloud storage that eventually creates a lot of chaos. It is not written on stone that small and medium enterprises should use public cloud storage as it solely depends on nature of business and type of services they will be utilizing from cloud. A business must choose wisely between public and private cloud. If cloud storage continues to be exploited like that then servers will be overloaded, downtime increases, cloud servers would be exhausted thus giving slow and poor service that would cost businesses more time than usual.

It is high time that cloud storage must be use appropriately according to business needs. The above mentioned risks must be minimized otherwise, it would become useless.

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