IT resiliency works best with disaster recovery plan

IT Resiliency

IT resilience is an organization’s capability to maintain acceptable service levels in case different challenges such as disasters, hazards or other risk arise.

Disaster Recovery Plan

It is the set of steps and procedures, documented in written form that company follows in order to recover the data and other important information if some disaster occur.

There are so many things that can cause service disruptions. They include hardware or software failures, natural disasters, malicious attacks, and operator error etc. Creating efficient disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans to solve these problems can be difficult task.

Many organizations think that if they have maintained IT resiliency than there is no need to create a disaster recovery or business continuity plan because with IT resilience, they will be able to provide acceptable service levels and hence customers and clients will not face any problem. Similarly, many organizations who maintain effective disaster recovery plans think that it will be enough to recover the state of system. Thus they don’t feel the need to create IT resiliency.

However, for any organization, that wants to provide best services to their customers, IT resiliency and disaster recovery plans both will work together. This will decrease the chance of any downtime of service and customers will return for more services from the company.


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