Reasons why cloud storage is the best

Cloud storage is now the best way to store your data. With ease of internet access, cloud storage has gained more popularity in recent years. The convenience that it offers is remarkable. With smartphones having internet accessibility people are now using cloud storage from their phones while they are on the go. Recently cloud storage has faced harsh criticism on its security and reliability. There have been strong rumors that cloud storage is vulnerable and cause major security breaches to famous IT companies in past 5 years. This is however not true! On the contrary cloud storage has never been hacked nor do they become the reason of security breaches in most cases.

Cloud offers convenience

Convenience is the greatest gift cloud storage offers to its users. People no longer need to wait for file transferring from other servers as now cloud storage enable instant file sharing. With cloud technology, all your connected devices will get upgradation automatically. With cloud storage, there is no need to copy the documents in flash drives or hard drives as every single update will be saved and updated in cloud that can be accessed from all connected devices.

The security is remarkable, only authorized access is allowed by the administrator and changes/alterations are recorded and kept in a file. Every cloud service provider has different level of authorizations that allows the user to make allowed level of changes in the information stored in cloud. Choosing a cloud storage service provider is a crucial task as you need to consider the cost and business’s future expansions in mind.

Backup and recovery option

The other great thing about cloud storage is the ease of recovery. Cloud is actually considered to be the virtual back up system. In case of any disaster, all your data that has been in cloud storage memory can be recovered in less time than you ever imagined. The era of hard drives and physical backup systems is long gone. Everything you share or store on cloud storage will remain there in its complete form. You can retrieve anything from cloud anytime. In case of physical disaster or damage to office files, data and systems, data files stored in cloud will always be there. Surely, the benefits of cloud storage are numerous which makes us ignore the false rumors about its authenticity.

Major cloud players

Since cloud is flourishing, major companies such as Google, Microsoft and apple jump into this arena with their own cloud storage services. However, according to the size of your business, you must choose the most appropriate cloud storage provider. You must think thoroughly about the cost incurred in having cloud storage services but also needs to realize the need of the hour as technology is progressing at massive speed. Cloud services of Google and Apple are improving with every passing year which shows that cloud storage is here to stay and businesses must reap its benefits.

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