Popular Reasons for Cloud Hegemony

Cloud computing means to store and access data on internet instead of one’s local storage device. Cloud computing is gaining popularity with time and many businesses are preferring cloud environment due to its numerous benefits. Following are some benefits of cloud computing and the reasons why it is taking over the traditional methods of storing and accessing information.


Recourses are easily scaled on cloud. If you want to expand your system, then instead of buying new hardware and other resources, you just buy more services from your cloud provider in terms of storage and computing services. Cloud applications are built on pay per use basis.

Reduced Cost:

Hardware, software and their maintenance costs are reduced once you move to cloud environment. For large computational applications, there is no need to install servers and maintain IT resources, as your cloud service provider will allocate you the servers according to your demand.

Flexibility in work practices:

If your system is on the cloud, then you can work anywhere from the world. The data will be easily available on cloud and uptime is almost 99.99%. This further reduces the travelling cost.

Business Continuity:

In times of any natural disaster, power outbreak or some other damage, your data on the cloud will be protected and secured. You will be able to access your data again quickly and this helps you to run your business as usual, reducing any downtime and loss of productivity.

Easy to Maintain and Update:

Once you are on the cloud, your system will be updated regularly with latest versions and technology. Also you don’t need to maintain IT and hardware resources, as processing power is allocated to you according to your demand.

These are the benefits and reasons why many businesses, both large and small, are moving towards cloud environment and cloud hegemony will continue to grow in near future.

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