Plan Ahead: Disasters Can Hit Virtual World Too

Disaster in any form-physical or virtual- brings destruction to property and without any emergency plan the loss can be significant. It can be as small as dog eating your homework to as big as loss of large amounts of critical data stored at a place. Dependence on IT is increasing as businesses aim for more efficient work and expansion of their networks which bring them more profits.

Huge amounts of data is collected and stored on computers, hard drives, servers and many more storage facilities to be used continuously in an efficient manner which otherwise is not possible if all the work is done manually. The world of IT does not fall short of being prone to disasters which can cause harm to physical components of computers as well as data and software stored on devices.


Disaster recovery plan for IT sector is a set of defined protocols and steps taken before, during and after any kind of disaster. The aim of these pre-defined plans is to protect the business in case of calamity which can result in harm to business and cause loss in terms of money and trust of clients.

It guides the personnel on how to act and minimize the losses. It is often advised to develop in parallel with business continuity plan. Disasters can come in any form such as damage to physical components, damages due to environment, electricity failure, system malfunction, corruption of data and software, virus and malware attack and the list goes on.

Backup on the other hand pertains only to data storage. Data is susceptible to corruption, loss, fault in storage devices and all the other means by which data can be lost or becomes inaccessible to be used.


Imagine a student of PhD or any other research position who has worked day in and day out to collect certain data. The day comes when he has to present the data. He walks to a water basin to set his tie and accidently drops his USB. You can imagine the rest if he had no other copy of the data he gathered so diligently. Now imagine a large business and multiply the data a thousand times. Imagine the loss of such data and the setback it would give to the company. The importance is not determined by the fact that a company is big or small. It is decided by the importance of data to the company.

Small setups in germination stage may have to work all over their projects again and large business might lose their vital data.


The need for backup and recovery plan depends on the valuable data that a company holds, the volume of business it conducts on daily basis, form of services provided and vision of the company. They need to prioritize the information which is critical to them.

A committee should decide what is important to the business in terms of data and what should be the priority to contain the damage to business in any case which affects it’s smooth running. There are many resources and guidelines for development of security and contingency plan. It includes Houston based enterprises that will help you in recovering your lost data.

Professional help can be hired and various options can be implored ranging from cheap solutions to extensive but really effective plans.

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