Phone System Security: Securing your phone calls

Businesses secure their data, files and records very carefully and they have an effective disaster recovery plan to retrieve the record in case of mishaps. But usually, businesses overlook their phone security and pay no attention towards this serious issue. We usually think that phone security cannot possibly be controlled, but this is not true. By taking the necessary steps, you can make your phone systems secure and protected to authorize official calls only.

Protect Your Phones

Hacking is not limited to breaching your systems and LANs. Hackers have crawled further and gained access to phone calls as well. This is a time where you need to take definite security measures about your phone systems in order to avoid further invasion of hackers or telecommunication villains.

Eavesdropping and then exploiting the information for wrong means will harm your firm’s reputation and make you vulnerable and untrustworthy in the industry. Moreover, phone security is also necessary because you don’t want to pay heavy amount of bills for all the calls you never made. This kind of offense often happens when your phone systems are not secured.

There are following ways to protect your phone systems

Control Phreak

With control phreak, you can actually limit and regulate your call traffic and monitor every call with ease. With call management systems, your Houston based business can get after call alerts, duration and further important details of every suspicious activity. Control Phreak only allows authorized personnel to use phone systems.

Securing VoIP Systems

  • To protect VoIP phone systems, install necessary and effective firewalls and IPS.
  • They detect every unauthorized suspicious activity and unnecessary VoIP traffic.
  • Have protected domain systems and administrative restricted access to the system.

Moreover you must keep all your systems and network servers updated with the latest updates and new softwares.

Distinguish Voice and Data Traffic from each other

It is now the time to make a proper distinction of your voice traffic and data traffic. Encrypt sound traffic by session initiation protocol and transport layer security. This will allow Houston based businesses to monitor their calls and phone usages. Encryption will allow authorized access to your phone systems to certain personnel so that you always have a record of who made the call to whom, and the duration of the call.

Check on Voice mails

Always keep a close check on your voicemails and keep a track of listening voice messages and deleted messages. This is definitely an easy way to detect anomalies in a phone system, all it needs is a little concentration and keen observation. Secure your voicemails and messages by keeping an eye on them.

Houston businesses must secure their phone systems to protect their integrity and exclusive information that if got leaked might harm the business and the reputation of all its stakeholders.

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