Network Security: Security Threats to Your Houston Business

Managing data centers, availing cloud storage services, use of blade servers to become efficient and environment friendly are among the tasks of every business. But are they the only tasks that are important? Should we not value anything that gives us good returns and profits? You have secured servers that protects your data but what if your network gets corrupted or someone breached your network? These are some vital questions for all small and medium Houston businesses as among all other latest up gradations, network security is an essential task that must done before anything else.

What do you mean by Network Security?

Network security means protection of your business reputation in virtual world, keeping the files and data uncorrupted and safe, making your systems and servers reliable and safe from all the malfunctions and security breaches that might cause a mayhem for your business.

What Security Threats your Business is Facing?

In this modern age of technology, this facility has eased our lifestyle but also increases the risk. With wide access to the internet, the security risks are many and are getting more complex, intricate and sensitive. All the interconnected servers, if get incorporated with a bug, virus or malware will cause not only a fortune to the business but also cripples the business operations massively.

Security threats to your Houston business network might be in the form of:

  • Spyware and malware
  • Zero hour attacks
  • Identity theft
  • Alteration of data
  • Data eavesdropping
  • Trojan horses and viruses

How Network Security is Beneficial for Businesses?

Network security will allow you to freely exchange and share the information across your network. Your employees will be more relaxed and tension free once they know their hard work and efforts exchanged over a protected network and no foreign agent can cause harm to their work. Network security will help Houston based firms to meet customer’s requirements more diligently and efficiently. All the clients will find you reliable and your work authentic when you have a good network security. Moreover, the customers will give you all the details and information that you might need to do a task.

How Network Security Works?

First of all, network security does not mean implementing a super-application, hardware or software that alone can combat the risks and protects your business world. Realistically, network security means that you have to take necessary measures of security on different levels of network depending upon the sensitivity and importance of that layer. For network security your business needs well-integrated and strong set of hardware and software tools that must be regularly updated and managed to keep a check on the performance. Network security has several components that integrated together, protect your business networks and provide security and reliability. The components are following:

  • A good and strong Anti-Virus
  • Efficient firewall to block all the Unauthorized Access
  • IPS (Intrusion Prevention Systems) to protect network from zero attacks
  • Virtual private network


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