Managed Security Services: How can they help my business?

As technology has progressed and made our lives easier, the threats to the security of technology enabled systems have increased with the same pace. Advanced business models, complex e- commerce applications and easy communication through intranet and extranet has somehow made the digital world more exposed to threats. Therefore they need to be managed, monitored and analyzed at every point of time in order to keep the integrity and reputation of the business intact.

What are managed security services?

Outside service provider’s managed security services are called network security services. MSSP (managed service providers) offer unparalleled security to your digital networks and systems that contains huge amounts of data and important information. If you opt for a fine managed service provider then you will have peace of mind as management and integrity of your systems will be safe and secure. You’ll be satisfied as you will be competitive and challenging while managing your resources, assets and information diligently.

Types of managed security services
Penetration and vulnerability testing

This is usually one-time testing as it only detects the vulnerable areas and processes that might cause hacking attacks on the system. By this test, businesses get a crystal clear picture of their systems and network areas that need more fool-proof security and hardware installations in order to minimize the threats.

On site consulting

On-site consulting means: provide comprehensive assistance in making policies and procedures to ensure flawless network and system integration. Detection of business risks and technical risks and then formulation of key business requirements for security and integrity purposes along with designing security architecture comes under on site consulting.

Perimeter management

Installation and up gradation of software and hardware with firewalls and virtual private networks in order to make them more secure and capable of combating with viruses and other security breaches is called perimeter management.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring is often understood as the synonym of managed security services. However, remote monitoring is just a type of managed security services that has gained much popularity. Remote monitoring, as the name suggests, offers only monitoring of the network systems. They just keep a track record of every suspicious activities on the network whether it is by foreign bugger or an internal authorized user. It detects and reports all suspicious events and attempts to access authorized areas. Remote monitoring also reports security trends and analyzes the areas that might cause some threat to informational assets and can be remedied as soon as possible.

Compliance monitoring

This is related to the detection of technical risk. Compliance monitoring refers to the level of access an administrator or network user grants him/herself. This is to comply with formal security policies and in case of any non-compliance, it will immediately report to the concerned authorities. Thus making the access suspended till further formal orders.

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