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IT Consulting

Say your server crashes and you’re not sure whether to get it fixed or get it replaced, or you’re having a connection problem that may or may not require new wiring. Just give our IT consultants a call and we will schedule a visit to your office the same day with a customized network solution for your Texas business.

With IT consulting services from Intellegens, you get a holistic picture of your IT network infrastructure and how healthy your network is. Our IT consultants schedule a visit, meet all the stakeholders involved and only after understanding all the requirements and needs of your business draw a complete plan on how to improve the health of your IT infrastructure while remaining within your proposed IT budget.

Our IT consultants not only help you identify problem areas with your IT infrastructure but also guide you through the processes of procuring the right software and hardware devices that are best suited for your business needs. After deploying the network solutions our IT professionals stick around to make sure your staff is trained on all the equipment in order to ensure that all functionalities of the systems are used at their full potential.

Why we are the best

Intelligent Solutions – Smart Savings

Intellegens Inc. aims to become the leading one-stop shop for all technology needs of a business, while continuing to evolve with the advancements in the world of technology.

Our mission is to help our clients realize the true potential of their Business in collaboration with technology

Efficiency and Productivity

Your IT infrastructure is in the trained hands of our tech professionals

You will see an increase in productivity and efficiency of your business functions within days.

Cost Effective Solutions

Tailored cost effective IT solutions for your business

Our IT consultants visit your Texas based company and after a complete IT assessment.

0 Downtime

Intellegens Inc is the leading IT consulting company in Houston

We pride ourselves in providing an efficient technology infrastructure that guarantees 0 downtime.

24/7 Real Time Monitoring

We proactively monitor and maintain your system 24/7

IT consultants preventing any issues before they even occur ensuring 100% server uptime.

Houston IT Consulting

Getting the most out of technology requires an understanding of how it can best be applied to your unique business situation. Countless small to medium-sized business owners either struggle with their technology or overpay for IT services they simply don’t need. With help from our professional Houston IT Consulting Company, you can increase productivity, eliminate costly downtime, and significantly enhance your bottom line.

First, a Houston IT Consultant from Intelligence will schedule a visit to your office. After meeting every stakeholder, they will craft an intelligent IT support plan that meets your specific needs. The goal is to improve your IT infrastructure’s health while acknowledging your budgetary limitations.

There is far more to Houston IT consulting than merely identifying problems. Our Houston IT consultants take a holistic approach to your technology needs, determine its overall health, and ascertain how it can better serve your workforce and customers. We help you procure hardware and software best suited for your specific business needs. Finally, your Houston IT consultant will ensure your staff is fully trained on all equipment so you get the most value from your technology investment.

To compete with large businesses in today’s marketplace, you must offer your customers the same level of convenience. We can help. Contact a member of our Houston IT consulting team and get the help you need to get the most out of technology.

Houston IT Consulting – What sets us apart

As one of Houston’s leading IT consulting companies, our primary goal is to help clients succeed in our competitive local marketplace. Reliance on technology means that infrastructure problems or a cyber attack can lead to expensive downtime. Our Houston IT consulting company protects you against issues that cause downtime, so you never have to worry about lost productivity or negative customer experiences caused by failures.

One of our Houston IT consultants will help you create a cost-effective solution tailored specifically for your business. The money you spend on technology will be fully utilized without waste. Budgetary limitations don’t mean that you have to sacrifice efficiency and productivity because we understand that the best IT solutions often focus on value.

24/7 real-time monitoring insures against critical failures because we can identify problems before they lead to expensive downtime. Routine reporting further enhances your ability to understand where enhancements to your IT infrastructure need to be made. Get a free assessment today and find out how our Houston IT consulting experts can help your business succeed.

Houston IT Consultant

Your Houston IT consultant from Intellegens will help you get the most out of information technology so that you can achieve your business goals. There are a variety of reasons why you may seek out a professional Houston IT consultant. Some of these reasons include:

  • Help with project planning – If you’re planning a new project, it’s important to understand the details. Failure to anticipate the scope of any project can lead to financial losses. An Intellegens IT consultant can help you strategically plan every project detail, which is a far better approach than incrementally making changes after a project has already begun.
  • System design and business processes – The systems and processes that drive your project help you succeed. Whether expanding your business, launching a new product, or offering a new service, you should plan for impacts on your IT infrastructure. One of our Houston IT consulting experts will help you determine project scope and determine necessary system requirements. In essence, these are the IT infrastructure architectural blueprints used for scoping and costing your system.
  • Project management support – As a business owner, you are highly focused on your day-to-day operations. However, successful projects must be driven by someone who knows how to achieve their vision. One of our IT consultants will focus on your technological needs, allowing you to do what you do best.

If you have any questions, please contact one of our experienced Houston IT consultants today.

Our Houston IT consultants solve problems both large and small

Not every business problem is complex. In fact, the best IT solutions are elegant yet simple. Small problems don’t necessarily require a major overhaul. Complex problems require in-depth planning to maximize value and avoid pitfalls that could derail the project.

Our Houston IT consulting experts can help you solve any sized problem. Scalable solutions allow your business to expand and grow without overburdening your IT budget. Our IT consultants can help you identify issues and then develop a comprehensive plan to solve it. Budgetary limitations are always considered because we understand how important value is for small and medium-sized businesses in Houston.

In our experience, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing a robust IT infrastructure. Your business is unique and your IT demands require a personalized approach. By identifying your unique challenges, we can help you procure the products and services you need to succeed in the Houston marketplace.

Regardless of your particular industry, we can help you create custom-tailored solutions using our extensive expertise and experience. We are proud to have worked with so many Houston companies and our reputation speaks for itself.

If you would like to develop a customized and innovative IT solution to your most complex business problems, we can help. With prices that are fair and competitive, why not contact one of our Houston IT consultants and work with the best?

Our top IT services include:

  • Houston IT consulting
  • Cloud computing
  • Computer repair
  • 24/7 server support and monitoring
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data recovery
  • Network infrastructure

Information about Houston, Texas

Houston is the populous city in the Great State of Texas. Countless Houston businesses rely on technology to drive their company’s engine. Small to medium-sized businesses owners use technology to answer emails, store information, communicate with clients, invoice clients, and protect sensitive information. In fact, just about every business need can be solved with technology.

Houston is the fifth most populous city in the United States, which means anyone with a sound business idea can meet with success. There are countless industries in Houston, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and aeronautics. Houston also boasts the world’s largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. More tonnage of international waterborne cargo is handled by the Port of Houston. All of which underscores the importance of reliable business technology.

Houston was named for Sam Houston, President of the Texas Republic. Houston was also a soldier and a politician. There was a time when Houston was the Capital of Texas, but in 1839 it was moved to Austin. By 1860, Houston was a railroad hub, which made it a very important location during the Civil War and the years that followed.

Back in those days, Houston business was conducted with papers. Lots of papers. There were no computers, no IT support companies, and communication between communities could days or weeks. Fortunately for today’s business owners, we have a host of technological advancements at our disposal. Conducting business is easier than ever but balancing technology needs require an IT support specialist that knows what they’re doing.

Houston is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the energy industry. Oil and natural gas are mainstays but wind and solar are quickly gaining ground. Houston is also the top city in the United States for exports. The companies and government agencies that drive these markets rely on IT services to connect clients all over the world.

Houston IT consulting for small to medium-sized business owners

As a small to a medium-sized business owner, you undoubtedly have unique problems that require technology to solve. Competing in the Houston marketplace is far easier when you work with a professional IT consultant who can help you solve the most complex business information technology problems.

If you don’t offer your customers the same level of quality and customer service as a larger company, you may lose their business. Whether you’re an enterprise startup or a business seeking to expand, our IT consultants are ready to help.

Talk to one of our Houston IT consultants today and find out how Intellegens can help you get the most out of technology.



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