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Backup & Business Continuity

We have partnered with Datto to provide not just traditional backups but also the ability to backup data in the cloud. In the event of a disaster which renders on-premise resources inaccessible, we can provide instant failover by converting on-premise servers and applications to cloud hosted instances with the push of a button

The solution provides block level deduplication to minimize bandwidth and storage utilization while allowing backups to be streamed to an on-premise appliance, to an appliance hosted at a colocation site, to the cloud or simultaneously, to all three locations

Your backup data, in transmission and at rest, is protected by AES-256 and SSL key-based encryption

The solution employs patented Screenshot Backup verification plus Entropy Testing on CPU registers to validate backup restore viability

Being a small business owner in Houston, your most prized asset will always be your business data. What if your business is hit by a natural disaster, a system malfunction, or important client data is accidentally deleted? Any such loss of your business data might cause an even greater financial loss. Therefore it is necessary for you to have an effective backup and data recovery plan.

A disruption in your business even for a few hours might cost you an important client. That is where our foolproof business continuity planning services come in. We provide a reliable data backup and recovery solution which makes sure that all your business data is accessible to you from anywhere and at anytime. Our IT consultant will do a complete business assessment and create a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery plan tailored for your Houston Texas based business.

We at Intellegens focus on cloud backup solutions as opposed to traditional on-site data backup systems. Traditional backup systems require more physical space, are less efficient and can get destroyed in advent of a disaster. Cloud backup solution is more cost effective, faster, reliable and accessible from anywhere. Our cloud recovery solution periodically makes backup of your business data all throughout the day so even if your system fails it will be up and running within no time.

Why we are the best

Intelligent Solutions – Smart Savings

Intellegens Inc. aims to become the leading one-stop shop for all technology needs of a business, while continuing to evolve with the advancements in the world of technology.

Our mission is to help our clients realize the true potential of their Business in collaboration with technology

Reduced Costs

Cloud backups automatically mean less costs

In contrast with on-site traditional backup systems, with our cloud backup solution you only pay for the storage space you utilize.

100% Uptime

Our disaster recovery solution ensures 100% uptime for your business

We offer a quick failover and instant data recovery in case of any disaster, system failure or major data loss

Data Security

Your company data is secure in our remote data centers

At Intellegens we follow a strict set of data security protocols which ensures the protection of your backed-up data.

Reliable Solution

Fully automated and reliable data recovery solutions

Our solutions come with 24/7 monitoring and support so you can enjoy a peace of mind.



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