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Back Office Management

Running a business means storing loads of information such as invoices, POs and other client information. As a Houston small business owner it is not practical nor safe to have all this information stored in a physical form.

Intellegens offers back office management solutions which integrates electronic management systems with a workflow management approach. Depending upon the requirements of our clients we also offer Sales Force Integration (CRM).

Why we are the best

Intelligent Solutions – Smart Savings

Intellegens Inc. aims to become the leading one-stop shop for all technology needs of a business, while continuing to evolve with the advancements in the world of technology.

Our mission is to help our clients realize the true potential of their Business in collaboration with technology


We guarantee greater productivity for your business

Electronic management system ensures that your company data is accessible to your employees from anywhere through the internet.

Cost Effective

Reduce your overall costs of running and maintaining your business.

A paperless environment in the workplace is not only more productive but also helps to significantly.


A comprehensive back office management solution for your business

E-Document management come with integration of other softwares like workflow management and sales force integration.

Data Security and Privacy

Users having security clearance will be able to access company information

All files and client data is securely stored in our cloud based servers and all data exchange is encrypted.



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