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24/7 Server Support and Monitoring

The equation is simple.

More Downtime = More Losses

As a SME owner you cannot afford your servers to be down. Downtime would mean that you wouldn’t be able to respond to clients, open your emails or perform your normal business functions. This not only results in monetary losses but has the potential to make your most loyal clients leave. Investing in an efficient 24/7 server support and monitoring program is key!

Getting us on board would mean that our tech support staff continuously monitors your network for server health, core temperature changes, critical issues and important updates. Our IT professionals are notified of any potential crises so they could respond in time and prevent it. If a problem does pop up, you just have to give us a call and our tech specialists will respond immediately, fix the problem for you and provide a complete update report.  

In addition to monitoring your servers, our IT professionals also perform periodic system checks to ensure your server, network structure and backups are all up and running. A network vulnerability check and security scan is also performed regularly, anti virus programs are updated and server load / memory usage is reviewed.

Why we are the best

Intelligent Solutions – Smart Savings

Intellegens Inc. aims to become the leading one-stop shop for all technology needs of a business, while continuing to evolve with the advancements in the world of technology.

Our mission is to help our clients realize the true potential of their Business in collaboration with technology

0 Downtime

We guarantee 0 downtime for your business

Our 24/7 server support and monitoring system notifies our IT professionals of any potential crisis and hence it guarantees 0 downtime.


Security of your business is in the right hands

Routine system security checks are performed to make sure all antivirus and antispyware programs are updated.

Peace of mind

You can relax and focus on your business operations

Our IT support staff will always be keeping a watchful eye on your network system.

No long term contract

Getting us on board doesn’t bind you in any long term contracts.

We focus on client retention through outstanding IT support, not contracts.


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