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Houston Managed IT Services

By offering a full suite of Houston Managed IT Services, we help small to medium-sized business owners improve operations and cut expenses. The experts at Intellegens will help you avoid costly downtime, streamline your IT services, and provide you with a cost-effective solution to all of your technology needs.

Best of all, you only pay for the services you need. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to managed IT services, so we work with you to develop a customized solution that fits within your budget. We’ve helped countless Houston businesses succeed in some of the most competitive local markets. We can do the same for you.

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What is a Managed Service Provider?

Managed service providers are information technology (IT) service providers that helps businesses succeed by assuming responsibility for managed services. There are a number of Houston managed service providers offering cookie cutter packages but we believe that every business requires a customized solution. By working with you to identify the Houston managed services that will help drive your business, the value of your technology investment is maximized.

Why work with a Houston Managed Services Provider?

As a business owner, you must focus your attention on daily operations. However, the success of your business hinges on offering clients a quality experience based upon their expectations. To compete with large corporations, you must rely on technology. This is where we enter the picture.

We help you succeed by keeping your business up-to-date on the technology that drives business. From cloud computing to network support and everything in between, we help you meet challenges that drive your bottom line with a full suite of Houston managed IT services.

Houston Managed Services

What follows is an overview of the many Houston managed services we offer our clients. The nature of your business and industry will help determine which managed services are right for you.

Houston Managed IT Services – Managed Network Support

Your network drives your entire business. Network infrastructure issues are a reality of life but they shouldn’t result in downtime or lost productivity. As your Houston managed IT services provider, we make sure that your network infrastructure runs smoothly and remains protected.

Our experience managing networks for small to medium-sized businesses means we fully understand your unique problems and issues. We can develop a scalable network management solution that makes it possible for your enterprise to grow and expand as required. 24/7 support means more reliable performance. Exceptional VoIP quality eliminates delays and disconnects while offering a more seamless customer experience. Enhanced cybersecurity means your network is always protected.

Houston Managed Services – Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is changing the way small businesses operate. This technology allows small business owners to offer services to clients that are more on par with large corporations. This power is revolutionary and it can help your business in countless ways.

There are a number of cloud computing solutions that our Houston managed IT services providers can implement on your behalf. Not only can cloud computing solutions help you access your network from remote locations, but it allows us to manage your network without coming to your place of business. Cloud computing is a cost-effective way to increase productivity and offer your clients a better overall experience.

To determine what cloud computing services are critical for your business, we will take a hard look at your needs and customize a solution. If you want to work remotely, VMWare or Microsoft Virtualization may be exactly what you need. If you would like to access data and emails while away from your office, a Microsoft Office 365 solution could be just what you’re looking for. We can even integrate a customized sales automation system that allows you to remote, secure access.

Houston Managed Services – Business VoIP Solutions

If a client calls, they expect a prompt answer. To compete with large businesses, you need to offer your clients similar levels of service. If you place them on hold too long or fail to route them correctly, they may seek out a competitor that can. If your phone quality is poor, you may fall victim to the same end result. All of these examples underscore the importance of your VoIP phone system and the vital role it plays in your daily business routine.

There are numerous business advantages to using a VoIP phone system instead of traditional phone lines. An endless array of features can help you run your business more effectively while offering clients a better overall experience. We understand the unique challenges you face as a small business owner, so we can customize a VoIP and IVR plan that meets your demands and acknowledges your budget. A PBX system may also allow for greater mobility than a traditional system.

Whether upgrading an existing system or installing a new VoIP system, our managed services experts will help you increase efficiency, retain clients, and bolster your bottom line.

Houston Managed Services – Computer Repair

We’ve come a long way with technology, but sometimes there is no escaping the blue screen of death. If you have a project due or forgot to back up your data, you could experience a significant setback. Fortunately, our Houston IT support experts can help get you back on track.

Other potential issues include viruses, malware, or computer slowdowns that compromise productivity or cause costly downtime. One of our managed services experts can help you get back up and running with on-site or remote assistance, depending on the issue.

First, we diagnose your computer issue. Next, we repair the hardware or software that’s causing the problem. Sometimes a repair is your best option or it may be time to consider an upgrade. Regardless, we will help you ascertain the most cost-effective solution.

Houston Managed IT Services – Backup and Business Continuity

Losing data is not an option. What will happen to your business if a natural disaster, fire, or flood occurs? Business continuity ensures you’re prepared for the worst. Backups ensure that a hard drive failure or malware attack doesn’t compromise your ability to conduct business.

You may think that as a small business owner you are immune to cyber attacks. The truth is that more than 70% of ransomware attacks target small businesses. More than 65% of small businesses have suffered a malware attack in the last 12 months. The average cost of a malware attack is estimated at $3 million. The question is not whether you will be attacked with malware, but when.

The answer to backup and business continuity issues revolve around cloud computing. These solutions allow you to access your network from a remote location with the push of a button. If you can’t access your office because of a natural disaster, your customers won’t even know. You’re also protected against significant financial loss due to lost data or proprietary information.

Successful business continuity solutions start with a comprehensive assessment of your entire operation. We will customize a backup plan just for you so that you never have to worry about losing your business because of something far beyond your control.

Information about Houston, Texas

Houston is the populous city in the Great State of Texas. Countless Houston businesses rely on technology to drive their company’s engine. Small to medium-sized businesses owners use technology to answer emails, store information, communicate with clients, invoice clients, and protect sensitive information. In fact, just about every business need can be solved with technology.

Houston is the fifth most populous city in the United States, which means anyone with a sound business idea can meet with success. There are countless industries in Houston, including manufacturing, energy, transportation, and aeronautics. Houston also boasts the world’s largest concentration of research and healthcare institutions. More tonnage of international waterborne cargo is handled by the Port of Houston. All of which underscores the importance of reliable business technology.

Houston was named for Sam Houston, President of the Texas Republic. Houston was also a soldier and a politician. There was a time when Houston was the Capital of Texas, but in 1839 it was moved to Austin. By 1860, Houston was a railroad hub, which made it a very important location during the Civil War and the years that followed.

Back in those days, Houston business was conducted with papers. Lots of papers. There were no computers, no managed services companies, and communication between communities could days or weeks. Fortunately for today’s business owners, we have a host of technological advancements at our disposal. Conducting business is easier than ever but balancing technology needs require a Houston managed services specialist that knows what they’re doing.

Houston is recognized throughout the world as a leader in the energy industry. Oil and natural gas are mainstays but wind and solar are quickly gaining ground. Houston is also the top city in the United States for exports. The companies and government agencies that drive these markets rely on IT services to connect clients all over the world.

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