Legacy System is Old but Not Gold

Past two decades have seen a major boost in the technology industry. Those who have lived in these decades can vouch for the fact that a rapid evolution has taken place. The balance has shifted from technology being a mere fascination to something being fundamental to daily life. Initially cell phones were very heavy with only a limited amount of functions, computers occupied a lot of space and they were exceedingly slow as compared to computers of today, storage devices needed storage place of their own and software were limited in their ability.

Quick evolution always demands quick adaptability. With every passing day, the technology world becomes more complex and elaborate and those who cannot keep up with the pace are left behind to gain benefit from only a fraction of these gadgets.

Origin of Legacy Software

Use of the word legacy system is needed because of the fact that new technologies spring up every day. New software are made and old ones are replaced in no time. Legacy system refers to old methods, software or any application programs which were previously used and are considered outdated or better versions are available in their replacement. Usually legacy software was developed with focus on a specific requirement specified by a client.

Prevalence of Legacy Software

Legacy systems are still used in many areas. Numerous reasons make it difficult for the users to leave the old systems and shift to new and improved ones hence they are content with the system they have developed. It is difficult to get the exact stats of the prevalence but it is used at many places where update to new system is not considered necessary or is met with various constraints.

Legacy System Can be a Hindrance to Quick Performance

These systems were developed with specific focus and by using the technologies available at that time. As the load of a business or work load of an individual increases, one can well imagine that the software is unable to keep up with the requirements. New upgrades are required to keep it working. These are usually not compatible with many of the new software or hardware and hence new high speed equipment cannot be used with it. The language of the software can be outdated and hence it becomes difficult to upgrade the software itself.

These systems are unable to cope up with the security requirements of today which make them vulnerable and data is easily corrupted. Over time there are few people who know how to operate the systems as new generations never learn about them. If any problem arises at that time then it is difficult to repair the software. Moreover it is costly to repair hardware needed as the parts might not be available anymore.

Foresight is Important

Every software is developed in concordance with the need of that time. We all know that requirements evolve over the time hence planning at the start should incorporate these facts. Developers should be well versed with the upcoming technologies so that they can easily upgrade in near future. Each change should be well documented to make it easier for the developers to keep it compatible and up to date. The result should be better performance even over many years.

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