How to Speed up your Mac?

There is absolutely no doubt about mac’s good performance as compared to windows vista or windows 7 operating system but truth be told, mac is a machine and it tends to get slower like every other machine or system. There is always software up gradation, applications updates and new versions install updates flashing on your system that interrupts normal functioning of mac. Here are some ways to speed up your mac’s performance:

Clear desktop

Try to put minimum number of files and icons on desktop because it is the first screen that needs to get load when you start your mac. Keep the desktop design simple as well.

Manage your startup icons

Whenever you install a new application, it appears according to your usage so it slows down the mac’s performance by taking more time to get load. If you set files other than desktop, my documents destination or in a separate folder than it would be convenient for you to access the more urgent icons instantly as compared to those set in other places.

Clean your hard drive

Hard drive takes much space than you imagine and if it is clear then the ‘virtual memory’ will serve as a space to store items that don’t need to be permanently stored. So keep your hard disk clean and give room to virtual memory.

Use cleaning utility tools

Cleaning utility tools basically clean up your system to keep it in smooth running condition. They maintain mac’s performance by cleaning up the cache memory, browser history, unnecessary items and icons from the system that contributes in slowing of your mac.

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