How to know if your computer is infected with a virus?

There are lots of computer viruses out there and it gets difficult to recognize them once computer gets infected. Despite their remarkable variety, they all affect the computer negatively that can result in computer malfunction, leaking of private information etc. Therefore, it’s necessary that we must recognize in earnest the kind of virus our computer is infected with if at all.

  • Monitor your hard drive:

If you are not using your hard drive (there are no user programs running) yet the hard drive is constantly running; there is a strong chance that there is a virus running in the background that’s keeping the hard drive busy. You can monitor the hard drive’s activity through the task manager or other programs.

  • Startup time of computer:

If your computer used to start up quickly, but lately it’s taking significant amount of time starting up, it can be an indication that the computer might be infected with a virus.

  • Monitor the modem:

If the lights of the modem are constantly being turned on and off even though you are not using it, there is a strong chance that there is a virus that’s transmitting data over the network.

  • Check if programs crash:

You should check if your programs are crashing too often. If they are crashing a little too much, this is another indication that there is a virus in your system. Also, if programs are taking longer to start or load, and run slowly once they have started, this also hints at a virus infection.

  • Beware of popups:

The advertisements and pop ups that might appear on your screen without permission are all an indication of virus. Also if you start up your system to find out that the wallpaper has been changed it strongly suggests the presence of virus.

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