How to do networking between two computers?

Networking is a modern way of communicating through systems. Sharing files and resources through computers not only saves time but also transfers and shares information in an effective way.

Here are some simple steps to establish network between two computers.

How to connect windows system?

  • Switch on Ethernet cable:

To connect two computers, a simple Ethernet cable is sufficient to establish a connection. Through Ethernet ports on computers, connect an Ethernet cable between the two systems.

Windows 7, 8 or vista:

  • Make sure that any of the two connected computers must have either Windows Vista, 7, or 8. Use Windows 7 to perform further connectivity tasks in case both computers have different operating systems.
  • On Windows 7, go to Start Menu, then Control Panel. Search for “network” and then go to Network and Sharing Center.
  • In Network and Sharing Center, double click on ‘Unidentified’ Network icon.
  • In case you have more than one network then the ‘Unidentified’ network icon will be changed to ‘Multiple’ networks.
  • In case in Network, Network Discovery and File sharing are off then click on info bar, click to “change” and then click on ‘Turn on’ network discovery and file sharing. In case it asks for admin password or confirmation then type the password or enter the confirmation accordingly.
  • If one of the two computers have Windows XP then network might take some time to appear.
  • Configuring XP
  • Open Start Menu, go to Control Panel.
  • On “System” double click and tick the computer name tab.
  • Then write each computer’s name.
  • Be sure that name of workgroup must be same on both systems but their individual names must be unique.
  • Now go over to the control panel again, double click on network connections and use crossover cable to connect the computer.
  • Check statuses of both machines whether they are connected or not.
  • Go to network connection then click on “Properties” and click on the advanced tab, select “Windows firewall settings”.
  • In Windows Firewall settings, go to exceptions tab and check that the printer and file sharing option is selected.

How to Connect the MAC OS?

Now comes the connection phase in Mac OS; connect Ethernet cable to each computer. In case, there is no Ethernet port then a USB to Ethernet adaptor can also serve the purpose.

  • Go to network preferences panel on each computer, click on network port configurations and check on built in Ethernet.
  • Now on one of the machines, open sharing preferences panel and check on personal file sharing. Note down the computer address such as afp://″ (afp stands for Apple File Protocol).
  • Use the Finder in OS X 10.3. Double click on network icon appeared on side bar.
  • Check that all has been loaded, now search for the first computer name you set up and click on its name.
  • A window might appear asking for password.
  • Now, a dialog box containing all available volumes will appear. So, either choose one or all of them. Then their icons will be shown in your sidebar as partitions.

Use computer as a server

Now, drive icons of connected computer will be displayed as volumes on desktop.

  • Go to menu and connect to the server by typing the target machine’s IP address in server address field.
  • Now connect by entering the password. The volume selection will be displaying on Mac. When the icons will display on your desktop then use them as you use other drives.

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