How to Detect if Someone’s Stealing Your WiFi

WiFi is no less than a blessing and with laptops, mobiles and tablets, it automatically connects to our devices. The WiFi signals are actually open for anyone who is within the range. People stealing other people’s internet through WiFi has now become a common issue. The IP address is yours but others use it to access the internet. It not only effects your WiFi signal strength but also can be very dangerous security wise.

What could you do if someone is committing an illegal or unethical act by using your IP address through your WiFi? You would be held responsible for whatever happens through your IP so you better secure it with a strong WiFi password.

You must know how many people are using your WiFi and when. By following these steps, anyone can know if someone is stealing their WiFi.

  • On your Wireless Router, check your LED light indicator. This will show if internet connection is there or not.
  • Now turn off all your wireless devices such as laptops, mobile, tablets, XBOX and others.
  • After turning off all these devices, check the router’s LED light, if it’s still blinking then you have got an unwanted user.
  • Or you can enter your router setup by entering router’s IP address in internet browser.

Know about your IP address

In case you don’t know about your IP address then find out by following these steps:

  • Get your router manual, the IP address is written in the manual.
  • If your system is directly connected to the router, check default connection gateway. Gateway is your IP address.
  • Click on Start menu of your connected PC.
  • In the search field enter ‘cmd’ and press enter.
  • A black command window will appear. Type ‘cmd’ and press Enter.
  • Then type “ipconfig” and press enter.
  • Scroll down till you show Default Gateway. This is your IP.
  • Now login by entering the username which is generally Blank and then type password that is usually ‘admin’. Check your manual for details.
  • Once logged in, look for Attached Devices. A list of connected devices will appear.

In this way you will know who is using your Wi-Fi and with what devices.

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