How to back up a data on a hard drive?

Backing up a hard drive is really important for keeping your data (documents, files, images etc.) secure for a long time. Often, the computer gets infected and begins malfunction, posing a serious threat to our data. We must always have a back up to make sure we don’t lose our data in case of a disaster.

  • Get hold of a data storage device

You need to have a storage device where you can save all your data. The size of this device should be at least twice the size of your source memory (from where you want to transport data). Usually, getting an external device is the safest option since you can physically plug it in whenever you need. On the other hand, you can create back up in your file system by creating a partition. However, this isn’t guaranteed to keep your data secure in case your computer gets infected.

  • Plugging the device in

Once you’ve got hold of the device, plug it in. A dialogue box should show up automatically whereby it would ask you how to proceed further. It should have the option of using the device as a backup and open file history. If the dialogue box doesn’t open by itself, you can manually go to the search bar in your computer and look up file history.

  • Settings

On the left, you should see an option of Advanced Settings. It should provide you with a variety of options such as how long must the files be kept, how the backup must be created, and how much space must be allowed.

  • Choose the drive:

The external backup drive should be selected by default as the default backup drive.

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