Future of Resiliency in Cloud Era

Advent of cloud computing has brought many benefits with it as it is without doubt very flexible, economical and can be titrated to needs. The modern cloud computing has varied forms of private, public and other service proficiencies. Despite these advantages, several points have to be considered before deciding whether cloud resiliency is enough for any platform.

Purpose Of Resilience

To determine importance of cloud in resilience, we should know the basic purpose of resiliency. It is now seen that the resiliency requirements are now aiming at faster recovery and more volumes of data. Core needs still encompasses system stability with complete assumption of business function which should not be compromised in any case.

Downside Of Cloud Resiliency

Traditional recovery providers are very efficient in case of a large scale disaster by mobilizing all resources and supporting the business with all the available assets. Cloud providers at present lack this kind of provision as they only mobilize available resources and supplement them with few others. It is critical to keep systems in sync as soon as recovery process is started. It is even more critical to maintain this environment once the data is recovered and functionality is resumed.

Need To Incorporate Similar Facilities

One of the priority of traditional and cloud vendors should be to integrate same auto provisioning facilities in recovery as well as in basic day to day operations when running in case of disaster mode. Aim is to bring in same set of tools used in production and use them in recovery environment as well.

Data Takes Precedence

Protection of data is the basic aim of resiliency. Some of the basic factors include how a data is stored and the network access. How the data is captured and moved for storage still forms the basis. These should be addressed early on. Another important early aim should be to reduce system and application latency. Last but not the least, all the beneficiaries should be reconnected fairly quickly.

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