Firewall and Anti-Virus are Guardians of Your Data Galaxy

With increasing incidence of cyber-crimes there are numerous reported and unreported cases of identity theft, loss of important information to unrelated parties, breach of servers to steal important information including personal information and credit cards, and much more.

In this era of unrestrained access to internet, total privacy has become somewhat of a myth. Many online surveys reported that most of their survey takers are concerned about their privacy on the internet. Users are dissatisfied with the law makers regarding this matter. Companies are under constant threat of losing important information of their costumers which can be used in any way detrimental to the costumer.

Similarly viruses and malware can corrupt the data which is easily accessible to it. The question that arises is what we can do to protect the data that is precious to us?

Role of Firewall and Anti-Virus

Firewall is like a one way mirror which we find outside many shops. The person inside the mirror can look outside but the people out there cannot see anything inside until they are given permission to come in. Consider it a barrier between the vast spaces of internet with all the floating ships that could attack and the small computer that houses your data.

You can imagine how important a firewall is to keep out all the intruders out of your personal space. The strength of your protection determines how safe your data is. Anti-virus on the other hand works to exterminate the virus or malware that has already entered the system. It identifies the files that are infected and those that are at risk. Its main purpose is to contain the damage done by the intruder that has entered the database.

Why Bother About Firewall and Anti-Virus

Both modalities protect data before the attack and after it is compromised as described, hence the importance of each cannot be over emphasized enough. Whether it is individual person or a company with huge database, there are a lot of important things that need to be protected.

From personal information to details of credit cards and from important business document to transaction details, there is a lot of stuff that we store in our computer.

Invasion of privacy and loss of data due to corruption can result in loss of various types. This can only be prevented if security is in place. Those who do not use firewall and anti-virus software should not complain if they are attacked as they were the one who left the front door open for the thieves.

Is One Time Installation Enough?

Everything is evolving rapidly and so are virus, malware and hacking techniques. Those who have installed anti-virus know about the frequent update notifications. This is to update the abilities of software to detect such elements and de-root them.

It is strongly urged to install original version of software and update them constantly. This is essential to at least partial protection of privacy and to prevent data from getting corrupt again and again.

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