End Point Security: Securing Your Network and Related Devices

Every organization is concerned about its network security as with the advancement of technology , a huge amount of organization’s confidential data is available on their network rather than in the form of physical files.

Network perimeter is usually defined as a boundary/wall between a private side of the network and public side of a network. You can think of it as some kind of a hard line defined between network that an organization maintains and the external entities interacting with it.

Significance of Network Perimeter Security:

An organization needs to maintain a strong security of its own network because of the confidentiality issues that it faces. If someone can easily hack an organization’s network and can easily retrieve the important files then organization cannot even survive.

So, network perimeter security is very much important for the survival of an organization. It is one of the core concerns that an organization faces. That’s why every organization invests a lot in its network security.

End Point Security (now more Important than Network Perimeter Security):

Now we can say that the concept of network security has expanded to the concept of Endpoint security, as now the organizations are not concentrated to one place. Now we observe a very distributed forms of an organization as employees can now work for the organization from far off places with the mobile devices.

Now with the introduction of remote access to organizations’ networks, it has become even more cumbersome for organizations to protect their network from being hacked or to protect their important files from being stolen by some unauthorized user.

Let’s consider the concept of Network Perimeter as some kind of a circle around your organization’s operations. Now as boundaries of organizations have expanded with the latest technologies, we can see this concept as a lot of external and smaller circles (i.e. employees accessing organization’s network from far off places) interacting with the main circle (i.e. network of the organization).

Endpoint security refers to as security of mobile devices connecting with the organization’s network. If a particular device doesn’t meet the standards defined by the organization for the network accessing devices then it cannot access the network of the organization.

Modes of Endpoint Security:

Some modes of endpoint security may be an authorized OS by the organization, a functional firewall which is updated by the user on time and other antivirus software which may be available for free or for some nominal charges.

So, if you are looking for securing your network then network perimeter security has become the old concept as the new concept of endpoint security has been introduced which is basically the security of devices which retrieve data from the network. So, for protecting your network more, focus on endpoint security.

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