Effective Plan For Coping Data Corruption

Data Corruption is a serious problem in the IT industry. It means that data is modified and altered in malicious way and can no longer be used for its desired purpose. Businesses and Companies need to make a plan to handle data corruption. Usually this comes under Disaster Recovery Plan which is well documented and is used to handle catastrophic measures.

Causes of Data Corruption

  • Wrong system shutdown.
  • System crashes or halt during its active state.
  • Unexpected power failure
  • Hard drive failures or some other hardware related issue.
  • Failure to remove hard drives and storage devices without turning them off properly.
  • Virus infections from internet and external devices.
  • Data altered during transmission over a network.

Strategies to Avoid Data Corruption

  • All users should disconnect and remove the external devices properly and should follow the proper steps to shut down the computer.
  • Consider using an Uninterruptible Power Supply or UPS, system that provides backup power at time of failure of main electrical source so that unsaved data is not lost.
  • While surfing Internet, be careful of browsing malicious websites or downloading software that can corrupt your data and introduce virus on your systems.

Strategies to Handle Data Corruption 

A backup and recovery strategy is the only right way to protect your data from hard drive failure and other events that cause data corruption. Once lost or corrupted, data can only be retrieved if it is saved in some backup storage. Mission is that critical data needs to be updated frequently so that its latest and most updated data is always available.  If data is corrupted over a network, then automatic re-transmission of data will also prove fruitful.

A well-defined and well documented plan for handling data corruption will be helpful and employees and management will know the protocols in event of data corruption.

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