Effective Disaster Recovery Tips for IT

What is disaster?

Disaster in terms of IT is the deletion or modification of essential data and loss of access to that data for sufficiently long period of time. Access of information to some unauthorized person can also come under the umbrella of disaster.

Tips for quick disaster recovery

Following are the tips for quick recovery in event of disaster.

  • Maintain IT assets inventory list so that you know what tools are required, what data is to be recovered and the significance of that data.
  • Maintain Back-up files off-site and update them frequently so in case of physical disaster, data could be restored with minimum loss. Back-up of data is very important even if you are using cloud services.
  • Maintain strict security policies and follow security protocols so that chances of access of information to some unauthorized person is minimized.
  • Prioritize the data and applications. This will help in deciding which data is more crucial for the system and which is important to recover.
  • Document the plan formally so that in case of adversity, your staffs or other personnel in charge, can follow the precise protocols.
  • Test recovery plan frequently depending upon the nature of the system so that at the time of actual disaster, you know the procedure beforehand. This will save the time and recovery could be made as quickly as possible.
  • Automate the system as much as possible to avoid the risk of any human error. In terms of computing, IT is much faster and accurate than human abilities.
  • Maintain multiple communication channels such as telephones, emails, video conferences so that you could notify the authorized person on time in the event of any adversity.
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