Disaster Recovery: Prevention is better than cure

In this age of advanced technology where everything seems to be fool-proof and accurate, the risks of damage are magnified to manifolds. Since all your work, from managing petty cash accounts to managing clients is digital, the need of saving your work requires more insight and an ongoing procedure of hedging the possible threats that might strike your business or data file setup.

It is a known fact that avoiding a catastrophe is better than establishing measures to recover from it. As normal as it may appear to you, it’s the truth that simple steps can save you from a disaster. Through research and experience of veteran business analysts, following are the practices considered effective in avoiding disaster and recovery from a disaster.

  • Geographic diversity

Be sure that you manage your business on more than a single site. Either you render a disaster recovery service provider or you replicate your files on cloud. There are many options to ensure geographic diversity. Cloud storage is a good option to secure your business documents but one should not rely solely on cloud storage.

  • Standalone plan

Design a recovery plan that is not dependent to any particular person, expertise or system. The disaster recovery plan must be independent and stand alone. The disaster recovery plan must be capable of delivering the same results with or without any expert person or system.

  • Continuous check and testing

For a successful business to sustain over a long period of time without collapsing on malware and viruses is only possible by keeping a regular check. Testing ensures that every file is free from any threat.  Keep a checklist of every single thing that works and that does not. Record every step to track your way back to the root cause of any damage, loss or error. It is a standard procedure to maintain a checklist of every task.

  • Train your people.

It may sound irrelevant to train your employees about disaster recovery but it’s not. Training your employees about disaster recovery and updating them is an effective way to reduce the disaster intensity and cut the down time as everyone would know what to do and how to handle the situation.

  • Maintain a backup

Your business might be using the latest technology in certain procedures but it is true that keeping a backup record and maintaining your archive in software, hardware and paper medium is essential. Make sure to create, maintain and update your cloud storage efficiently. It is equally important to archive your backup data files and update them regularly.

“Prevention is better than cure”. Implement preventive measures effectively to avoid any loss or disaster.

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