Disaster Recovery Plans Can Never Be Replaced

Many cloud service providers offer capabilities for high availability, which means that their services will be available 99.999 percent of time. This makes many organizations think that it may not be necessary to develop Disaster Recovery Plan. They believe that Disaster Recovery Plans are just additional cost for the organization and they should cut the cost to save budget. But even with the availability of cloud services, it is still important to do disaster recovery planning.

Handling Data Manipulation or Corruption to avoid any loss

It’s important to have a high availability strategy for your mission critical systems and crucial information, but if the high availability solution that you are relying on produces errors or data corruption then data will be of no use and you need to remove the error and update the system as soon as possible. In that case, your Disaster Recovery plan will help you to recover your data and system will be active again.

Your Employees need to follow the plan in case of certain events

Even if the management of your critical applications is handled by cloud services, your employees still need to know what will happen in case of a power failure, facility loss or some other disastrous event. For example, where will they work and how will they access the data that is crucial for the applications they are working on.

Cloud Service Provider Needs to know your business environment

If you’re using a third party cloud services to manage your environment and run your applications, it is essential that the vendor or cloud service provider understands your system and organization policies. With documented and rehearsed Data Recovery plans, the vendor will be aware of how to react during a business interruption and can do more on your behalf without consuming your valuable time.

Although high availability is a key part of protecting your top-priority applications, it shouldn’t replace DR planning.

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