Collect, but be the Protector of Data

As technology progresses and internet access comes easy for a 7 years old kid, privacy and confidentiality is breached ever since. Internet is not a secure place yet it is the only fastest way of communication nowadays. Security breach is not only limited to online accounts and sharing protocols but now it has reached to a whole new level where the software applications can access the data from your phone and computer system. Thus, you are being monitored and without you giving any information about yourself, data collectors know about your routines, what kind of a person you are and what you do.

Users are getting concerned about privacy and asking for privacy insurance. As a business, you must be aware of all the possible ways to stay safe and secure with your data and keep an eye on every unusual activity to reduce the monitoring of your data. Businesses must take a smart approach to handle this trust issue of customers.

  1. Transparency with customers

You must be transparent with customers and give them the surety that you are not breaching their territory. Make sure that users understand what and why you need what you ask. It is true that sometimes software needs some kind of personal detail such as location etc but this can be for the custom services in that region. Tell your users why you need their information and how you will use it. This will make your app and software reliable in their eyes.

  1. Be clear about your data usage

It is of prime importance that every now and then you audit your data inflow and data usage policies to know the loopholes. By keeping a check on your data usage, you are ensuring that data is used for the apps functioning purpose and nothing else. Revising privacy policy for every app and software stating exactly why you need the data keep your dignity in user’s eye. Be clear about data usage and keep auditing the data without any bias to increase user experience. Audit the privacy policy from a user’s perspective and be sensitive as you think a common user would be. This will help you improve data privacy policy and increase app usage.

  1. Interactive and updated policies

In this age of hyper connectivity where everything changes rapidly and happening at a fast rate, insurance of data is doubtful. As a business you must need to make your privacy policy for every single app and software. Revise the policies every time you make any change or improvement and make sure that the user reads and interacts with it in order to give full consent of usage and access.

  1. Staff training

It is of cardinal importance that you invest in employees training. With every latest advancement, employees lag behind because of their oblivious attitude towards innovation. It is your responsibility to train your employees and reduce data breaches. Most of the time, carelessness of an employee can cause heavy data breach through app software and the company faces consequences.

Be a hero rather than the villain

Since the atmosphere regarding data breach is quite sensitive, you need to play smart and trustworthy. You play the hero by offering transparency and full consent of your users. Ensure your users that their data is safe and protected with you and no harm will ever come to them because of it. Win their hearts by keeping their data safe.

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