Net Promoter Score. Are you Doing Good?

All the things are relative and to measure them we always need a scale of comparison. Net promoter score (NPS) is a similar thing made to judge whether a company is doing good or average or even below average. It is a really simple idea to keep track of how good your initiatives are for [...]

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What Extent to Go Down the Road of Real Time Recovery

The boom in ‘always on’. Computing has brought a dramatic change in the capability to show real time recovery and how programs are carried out from testing standpoint. Existing methods for recovery of system, data, infrastructure and provision of network connectivity still forms the base; however, augmentative methods for confirming the abilities in an increasingly [...]

Knowing Different Types of Data Can Make a Difference

All the things at a certain place have their own importance. Same holds for data of a company or a setup. All the data is not created for the same purpose and so it has its own value in terms of its usage and future needs. Take example of different persons with different qualifications working [...]

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Future of Resiliency in Cloud Era

Advent of cloud computing has brought many benefits with it as it is without doubt very flexible, economical and can be titrated to needs. The modern cloud computing has varied forms of private, public and other service proficiencies. Despite these advantages, several points have to be considered before deciding whether cloud resiliency is enough for [...]

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Few Ways to Counter Cyber Security Threat

Cyber security is much needed as the threat lingers on especially when more and more incidents of hacking are being reported. Value of data of an organization determines the overall risk of getting attacked. To avoid this, few suggestions are enlisted. Create A Solid Fence Of Defense The first method to prevent a theft is [...]

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Are You Sure that Your Disaster Recovery Plan is Ready and Working?

When you are managing a huge database and handling a large volume of business then just think for a moment what would happen if there is a failure. In fact the real question should be that what will happen if there is a failure and there is no backup plan. Maybe it takes 1 hour [...]

Timely Risk Assessment is the Best Practice

A risk assessment is a process of recognizing possible threats and vulnerabilities and analyze what could happen if they occur. Risk assessment is very important in creating business continuity plans. Make plans and put them in documentation First of all, you need to look at all the potential hazards that could occur. There should be [...]

Need to integrate IT in your business

Bringing computers and information technology in your business will ensure the smooth running of processes and operations and can omit the chance of humanly mistakes that can be disasters sometimes. In departments such as finance, R&D and communication, efficient machines are more reliable than humans. Better- Quality Customer Service which help in Customer Retention If [...]

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IT resiliency works best with disaster recovery plan

IT Resiliency IT resilience is an organization’s capability to maintain acceptable service levels in case different challenges such as disasters, hazards or other risk arise. Disaster Recovery Plan It is the set of steps and procedures, documented in written form that company follows in order to recover the data and other important information if some disaster occur. [...]

Effective Plan For Coping Data Corruption

Data Corruption is a serious problem in the IT industry. It means that data is modified and altered in malicious way and can no longer be used for its desired purpose. Businesses and Companies need to make a plan to handle data corruption. Usually this comes under Disaster Recovery Plan which is well documented and [...]