Firewall and Anti-Virus are Guardians of Your Data Galaxy

With increasing incidence of cyber-crimes there are numerous reported and unreported cases of identity theft, loss of important information to unrelated parties, breach of servers to steal important information including personal information and credit cards, and much more. In this era of unrestrained access to internet, total privacy has become somewhat of a myth. Many online surveys [...]

Legacy System is Old but Not Gold

Past two decades have seen a major boost in the technology industry. Those who have lived in these decades can vouch for the fact that a rapid evolution has taken place. The balance has shifted from technology being a mere fascination to something being fundamental to daily life. Initially cell phones were very heavy with [...]

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Know When Your Equipment was Manufactured or You Might Lose Some Support

Businesses do need hardware and software to do their work. The primary objective of these tools is to facilitate every process and ensure efficiency. That is why the gadgets themselves need to be appropriate for the desired function and up to date with the requirements. Equipment should be reliable and in good shape. All this is possible only if a few things are taken in consideration before buying [...]

How to Connect Two Computers for Peer-To-Peer

Connecting computer systems through network for peer to peer sharing system is very beneficial and easy. Mostly peer to peer networking is done to back up the data that no longer can be saved in a single system. A back up and file sharing facility is what peer to peer sharing offers. However, there is [...]

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What is Peer to Peer File Sharing?

P2P file sharing is a way to share files, documents with multiple peers (computers) at a time that are networked together. It is very different from conventional networks that relies on central server for sharing. Every peer in the network can share files and documents with others at any time, the other peer will view [...]

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Printer Management: Benefits of Printer Management for Houston Businesses

Printer management refers to the process of having every printer monitored and functional. Printer management actually keeps the update on every printer, paper and ink levels and monitors the printing commands in a sequence. It ensures that all printers are working and would prove useful in the need of the hour. Houston based firms imply [...]

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