End Point Security: Securing Your Network and Related Devices

Every organization is concerned about its network security as with the advancement of technology , a huge amount of organization’s confidential data is available on their network rather than in the form of physical files. Network perimeter is usually defined as a boundary/wall between a private side of the network and public side of a [...]

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Endpoint Security: Guarding Networks at the Desktops

There was a very easy time for organizations to protect its data on network level by defining network perimeter and applying Network perimeter security. There were firewalls and antivirus for networks to protect from external threats. Now the systems and networks have become even more complex and protecting them has become a very hectic task. [...]

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Phone System Security: Securing your phone calls

Businesses secure their data, files and records very carefully and they have an effective disaster recovery plan to retrieve the record in case of mishaps. But usually, businesses overlook their phone security and pay no attention towards this serious issue. We usually think that phone security cannot possibly be controlled, but this is not true. [...]

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Network Security: Security Threats to Your Houston Business

Managing data centers, availing cloud storage services, use of blade servers to become efficient and environment friendly are among the tasks of every business. But are they the only tasks that are important? Should we not value anything that gives us good returns and profits? You have secured servers that protects your data but what [...]

Managed Security Services: How can they help my business?

As technology has progressed and made our lives easier, the threats to the security of technology enabled systems have increased with the same pace. Advanced business models, complex e- commerce applications and easy communication through intranet and extranet has somehow made the digital world more exposed to threats. Therefore they need to be managed, monitored [...]

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