Few Ways to Counter Cyber Security Threat

Cyber security is much needed as the threat lingers on especially when more and more incidents of hacking are being reported. Value of data of an organization determines the overall risk of getting attacked. To avoid this, few suggestions are enlisted. Create A Solid Fence Of Defense The first method to prevent a theft is [...]

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Firewall and Anti-Virus are Guardians of Your Data Galaxy

With increasing incidence of cyber-crimes there are numerous reported and unreported cases of identity theft, loss of important information to unrelated parties, breach of servers to steal important information including personal information and credit cards, and much more. In this era of unrestrained access to internet, total privacy has become somewhat of a myth. Many online surveys [...]

How to Be Secretive About Your Computer

Many people have the habit of browsing between the files and folders on someone else’s computer. Privacy and security is key and a right of every individual. It is perfectly fine if you don’t want anyone to intrude your privacy and use your computer to browse your personal files or web history. There are several [...]

6 Ways to prevent Spyware from infecting your computer?

Spyware can get installed on your computer without you even knowing about it. It could create a variety of problems such as monitoring your computer to send to third parties. They take up CPU processing capacity overloading it unnecessarily, as a result of which the speed of your system degrades. Here’s how you can block [...]

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How to know if your computer is infected with a virus?

There are lots of computer viruses out there and it gets difficult to recognize them once computer gets infected. Despite their remarkable variety, they all affect the computer negatively that can result in computer malfunction, leaking of private information etc. Therefore, it’s necessary that we must recognize in earnest the kind of virus our computer [...]

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5 Cyber Security measures to Protect your Business

Cyber space is the most accessible and extremely vulnerable place on earth. Anyone who has an internet access can breach cyber security and cause a chaos. This is the time when IT professionals and businesses along with the users must take strong action against cyber space security breaches and make the cyber space a safe [...]

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Collect, but be the Protector of Data

As technology progresses and internet access comes easy for a 7 years old kid, privacy and confidentiality is breached ever since. Internet is not a secure place yet it is the only fastest way of communication nowadays. Security breach is not only limited to online accounts and sharing protocols but now it has reached to [...]

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Simple security steps every small business must implement

Today hacking and malwares are so sophisticated and well-endowed that ordinary security systems cannot prevent them from destroying your records and networks. To combat with these sophisticated cyber-attacks, your business must be well equipped and have the power to prevent any damages. Small and medium enterprises must take extra care as they often believe that [...]

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Latest Developments in Cloud and Network Security

The world has become tech savvy and we have to update our businesses and ways of communication according to the latest trends continuously in order to survive. Networking today does not mean a bunch of computers connected to each other. It has become more complex and complicated in order to offer easy communication by consuming [...]

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Effective Endpoint Security with a Small Investment

Endpoint Security is the term used for the security of devices that connect to a particular network to prevent them from spreading their viruses or malwares to the network. It is now very important for organizations to protect their networks from external threats which might be in any form: Security Breach Unauthorized Access Viruses or [...]

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