What is network management?

Network management is a well-integrated set of all the hardware and software that are needed by any IT professional to manage and regulate network components within a huge network management. Network management is actually taking the responsibility of every single task and operation taking place within a network framework. OAMP stands for operations, administration, maintenance [...]

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What is a network software?

Any software that interacts, increases and facilitates the functions of a computer network is called network software. There are two basic types of networking, the first type allows two computers to share, send and receive data files via network while the second type of networking allows shared access liberty to all the users and systems [...]

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Peer-to-Peer vs. Client-Server Networks

The purpose of peer to peer and client server network is to offer a platform where data files can easily be shared and communication among computers become easy and convenient. Peer-to-Peer Networks In peer to peer networks, resources of every connected computers will be pooled and then share it with others. Then all the shared [...]

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How to build a computer network system?

The purpose of computer network system is to make effective communication between different computers, share resources such as printers, DVD player and share a mutual internet connection. Though setting up a network is a hectic job but with latest software that automatically connects with each other you just have to join cables to right ports. [...]

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What is Software defined networking (SDN)?

Software defined networking is a physical separation or a boundary that distinguishes network control plane and its forwarding control plane from a point where resides a control plane that is responsible of controlling several devices. SDN solutions are an emerging tier design that is ideal for controlling high bandwidth, modern day applications, it is adaptable, [...]

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Network Security: Security Threats to Your Houston Business

Managing data centers, availing cloud storage services, use of blade servers to become efficient and environment friendly are among the tasks of every business. But are they the only tasks that are important? Should we not value anything that gives us good returns and profits? You have secured servers that protects your data but what [...]

7 Ways to make your Business Network more Secure

As the world advances and give ease to our living it also poses some serious threats. With cheap internet access and advanced technology, from our current location (Houston, in our case) to our credit card transactions, from our internet searches to our tastes and preferences, everything is exposed to the world. Cyber-attacks, hacking attempts and [...]

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