Need to integrate IT in your business

Bringing computers and information technology in your business will ensure the smooth running of processes and operations and can omit the chance of humanly mistakes that can be disasters sometimes. In departments such as finance, R&D and communication, efficient machines are more reliable than humans. Better- Quality Customer Service which help in Customer Retention If [...]

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Things to Know about Your IT Vendor

Outsourcing has been solution to many problems for quite a while now. It is not just a solution but also an option for every business to speed up many processes in a cost effective manner. Constant evolution of every process has also involved outsourcing now and changes in practices are even changing the face of [...]

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Two Connections, Specially Fast ones, are Better than One

From the earlier forms of the slow internet to the infant form of DSL and advanced modern devices, we have come a long way in technology of communication. Internet has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, do shopping and manage our other common tasks. It started just from sending small packets of data form one [...]

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Know about the networks, the difference of LAN from a WAN

WAN stands for wide area network. They cover large areas like cities or even different nations to connect. LAN stands for local area networks and as the name suggests, they are meant for smaller and more localized networks like home, business etc. This makes LANs faster than WANs. Also, LANs are typically more secure than [...]

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Make a decision by having insights about network topology

Network Topology is the arrangement by which computer systems are connected to each other. They can define both the physical and logical aspects of the network. Physical topology implies the physical placement of the components of the network. It’s the actual geometric layout of the workstations. Logical topology deals with how the data flows logically [...]

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How to Detect if Someone’s Stealing Your WiFi

WiFi is no less than a blessing and with laptops, mobiles and tablets, it automatically connects to our devices. The WiFi signals are actually open for anyone who is within the range. People stealing other people’s internet through WiFi has now become a common issue. The IP address is yours but others use it to [...]

How to do networking between two computers?

Networking is a modern way of communicating through systems. Sharing files and resources through computers not only saves time but also transfers and shares information in an effective way. Here are some simple steps to establish network between two computers. How to connect windows system? Switch on Ethernet cable: To connect two computers, a simple [...]

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Pros and Cons of different types of network topologies

Networking is the backbone of modern day businesses. Every business must define its networking infrastructure so that every unit of business must know how and why they are following a particular network structure. There are various types of networking structures but no one structure can be said to be the best or effective. Thus every [...]

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10 Wireless Home Networking Tricks

Resolve connectivity problem To be honest, 96% of the time internet issues can be easily solved by turning on and off the router and modem. Wait till modem light get synced, once it’s done then turn the router on and you are way to go to use your internet. Encrypt your data You must take [...]

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How Does Computer Networking Work?

Computer networking is when several computers are connected to each other through several connecting devices to communicate. If your network is wireless then the devices connect through wireless routers as wireless networks don’t require a hardware connection. The benefit of networking is that file and data can easily be transfer from one computer to another. [...]

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