What is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing is a revolutionary service as it has taken all the responsibility from physical servers to virtual cloud servers that are accessible 24/7. Apart from the amazing services cloud computing offers, one would think that it also needs security measures to protect the data files of thousands of clients. Cloud computing is vulnerable to [...]

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How can Microsoft Office 365 help my Small Business?

Are you aware of Microsoft’s recent ventures? How it has taken the business dealings with a storm? If you are concerned about efficient email servicing, online chat and video conferencing without any hindrances, then Microsoft Office 365 is the solution to your problems. Undoubtedly, Microsoft was declining for past few years, but now it has [...]

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Data Backup: Cloud Computing vs. On-Site Backup

Are you afraid of losing your data? Have you not taken any necessary back up measures yet? Are you not sure you want to invest money in something like data back up yet? Is your data crucial to your business activities? These are the basic questions small and medium enterprises usually ask before opting for [...]

Cloud Server: What are Advantages of Cloud Servers?

Technology has facilitated small and medium enterprises with easy and simple business solutions. Nowadays, where more than half of the business processes are automated and digitally processed, more suitable and reasonable solutions are available to implement the technology in your business in an optimum manner. Cloud server is one of the facilities that reduces your [...]

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Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Houston Small Businesses

Cloud storage is among the revolutionary innovative services that has taken work load from conventional servers to a whole new level of classified, authorized managed IT services. Sharing and accessing a file from a mountain of various data files is not a problem anymore as with cloud storage everything is classified, categorized and duly protected [...]

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Latest Trends of Cloud Computing in Houston

Cloud computing’s revolutionary technology keeps on changing with the advancing times. It has changed the face of business software in Houston and made things easier and securer for us all. It is one of the dynamic technologies that keep on changing its face and continuously adapts to the challenges of modern technological world. Cloud computing [...]

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Why should I choose Colocation over Managed Hosting?

Are you looking for a server provider for your business? Are you willing to outsource the server, network, bandwidth and hosting operations to other third party for reasonable charges? Are you looking for a way to minimize your cost and maximize your return? If you are one of the small businesses that want to keep [...]

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What are the Advantages of Co-Location for my Business?

The age of technology has taken the world by storm. It revolutionizes the mode of working, thinking and imagination. But in this process it did not completely ignore the people who are not able to adapt the technology in its full capacity. There could be financial, economical, locational or any social constraints. Advancement takes care [...]

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