Future of Resiliency in Cloud Era

Advent of cloud computing has brought many benefits with it as it is without doubt very flexible, economical and can be titrated to needs. The modern cloud computing has varied forms of private, public and other service proficiencies. Despite these advantages, several points have to be considered before deciding whether cloud resiliency is enough for [...]

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Disaster Recovery Plans Can Never Be Replaced

Many cloud service providers offer capabilities for high availability, which means that their services will be available 99.999 percent of time. This makes many organizations think that it may not be necessary to develop Disaster Recovery Plan. They believe that Disaster Recovery Plans are just additional cost for the organization and they should cut the cost [...]

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Popular Reasons for Cloud Hegemony

Cloud computing means to store and access data on internet instead of one’s local storage device. Cloud computing is gaining popularity with time and many businesses are preferring cloud environment due to its numerous benefits. Following are some benefits of cloud computing and the reasons why it is taking over the traditional methods of storing [...]

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How to Back Up or Transfer Files between SFTP and Dropbox Using Backup Box

Moving files from SFTP to Dropbox can be a tedious and time consuming job. Backup Box has re-named and is now called Mover. If you use a service called Mover, the entire process can be simplified with a few clicks. Following are the steps through which you can transfer or backup files between STFP and [...]

Private cloud gives enterprise applications to your business

In today’s economy, businesses want to invest less and get maximum benefits. All businesses want to improve their business processes and bring in efficiency without incurring any extra cost on ongoing technology systems. Innovation is the key to success of any modern day businesses. But business gurus hesitate to incorporate monetary investments to bring in [...]

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How to get Cloud Storage through ‘Mega Unlimited’?

There are 3 parts to get Mega Unlimited cloud storage. In part 1, we explain the steps required to set up an account. Part 1: You must log into Mega’s website. Follow this link: https://mega.co.nz/ Then you should click on Create Account option. Next, you should fill in the required information. Be especially careful about [...]

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Reasons why cloud storage is the best

Cloud storage is now the best way to store your data. With ease of internet access, cloud storage has gained more popularity in recent years. The convenience that it offers is remarkable. With smartphones having internet accessibility people are now using cloud storage from their phones while they are on the go. Recently cloud storage [...]

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Gamification: A new way to design business strategies

As the world advances in technology, the ways to judge human abilities also changes. This is not a future oriented approach rather a modern criteria of judging employees, their psychology and their innate abilities by setting them as a part of a game in a completely non game environment. The process is famously called gamification [...]

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Risks to Cloud Storage

Cloud storage has emerged to be the best storage options the world has in this age. Be it small, medium or large enterprise, every organization seem to rely a good percentage of their activities and functions to be stored and regulated by cloud storage. From offering the backup in times of disaster and reducing the [...]

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Advantages of Cloud Storage for Houston businesses

Modern day businesses are becoming more advanced and efficient just because their core processes are now digital. Ease of access, just in time response and two-way communication between client and service providers makes the business expanding and growing positively. Cloud storage is one of the advancements that has taken the business world warmly. Especially for [...]

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