The Dont’s in a Data Recovery Procedure

In the modern world of technology, gadgets and all fancy machines, the recovery of lost data is quick and insured by sophisticated data recovery software and utility tools. So today nothing is truly gone until it is really gone from all sorts of memory storage mediums. The data recovery tools and software are effective and [...]

Disaster Recovery Plans: Ten things to consider

We surely cannot control disaster but we can minimize its effects and delay it from happening by taking necessary measures at the right time. Not only should the top management be involved in this crucial planning, but also the operational workers that actually interact and utilize the IT facility must be duly involved during disaster [...]

What is Offsite Backup? Types of Offsite Backup

It’s always a smart business approach to have a backup of your records and files so that in situations of crisis you can always recover stuff in less time. Backups are like the backbone of any business that must be maintained and updated all the time. What is Offsite Backup? Offsite backup means a backup [...]

Difference between Onsite and Offsite Data Backup

Forty to fifty years back was the time when business people who required backup used to store their data manually on thousands of papers. When technology took over people started saving their data on their computers or other storage devices. As we are well aware of the fact that how important data is for our [...]

Things to consider in Disaster Recovery Planning

By disaster recovery planning we refer to the significance that data needs to be efficiently recovered after a disaster. For efficient and effective disaster recovery planning, as a business manager you must draw out the goals you want to achieve from recovery planning and then carry out the best recovery planning solution. It is integral [...]

Successful Disaster Recovery Plan for S & M Houston Enterprises

Disaster recovery plan is the insurance policy of the Information Technology World that Houston businesses rely on. Smart businesses have incurred handsome amount on disaster recovery to ensure that all their data files and information can be traceable and become useful after a crisis. Depending upon the business size and its ability to endure the [...]

Data Backup: Cloud Computing vs. On-Site Backup

Are you afraid of losing your data? Have you not taken any necessary back up measures yet? Are you not sure you want to invest money in something like data back up yet? Is your data crucial to your business activities? These are the basic questions small and medium enterprises usually ask before opting for [...]