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Effective Plan For Coping Data Corruption

Data Corruption is a serious problem in the IT industry. It means that data is modified and altered in malicious way and can no longer be used for its desired purpose. Businesses and Companies need to make a plan to handle data corruption. Usually this comes under Disaster Recovery Plan which is well documented and [...]

Effective Disaster Recovery Tips for IT

What is disaster? Disaster in terms of IT is the deletion or modification of essential data and loss of access to that data for sufficiently long period of time. Access of information to some unauthorized person can also come under the umbrella of disaster. Tips for quick disaster recovery Following are the tips for quick [...]

Disaster Recovery Plans Can Never Be Replaced

Many cloud service providers offer capabilities for high availability, which means that their services will be available 99.999 percent of time. This makes many organizations think that it may not be necessary to develop Disaster Recovery Plan. They believe that Disaster Recovery Plans are just additional cost for the organization and they should cut the cost [...]

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Popular Reasons for Cloud Hegemony

Cloud computing means to store and access data on internet instead of one’s local storage device. Cloud computing is gaining popularity with time and many businesses are preferring cloud environment due to its numerous benefits. Following are some benefits of cloud computing and the reasons why it is taking over the traditional methods of storing [...]

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Things to Know about Your IT Vendor

Outsourcing has been solution to many problems for quite a while now. It is not just a solution but also an option for every business to speed up many processes in a cost effective manner. Constant evolution of every process has also involved outsourcing now and changes in practices are even changing the face of [...]

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Firewall and Anti-Virus are Guardians of Your Data Galaxy

With increasing incidence of cyber-crimes there are numerous reported and unreported cases of identity theft, loss of important information to unrelated parties, breach of servers to steal important information including personal information and credit cards, and much more. In this era of unrestrained access to internet, total privacy has become somewhat of a myth. Many online surveys [...]

Legacy System is Old but Not Gold

Past two decades have seen a major boost in the technology industry. Those who have lived in these decades can vouch for the fact that a rapid evolution has taken place. The balance has shifted from technology being a mere fascination to something being fundamental to daily life. Initially cell phones were very heavy with [...]

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Know When Your Equipment was Manufactured or You Might Lose Some Support

Businesses do need hardware and software to do their work. The primary objective of these tools is to facilitate every process and ensure efficiency. That is why the gadgets themselves need to be appropriate for the desired function and up to date with the requirements. Equipment should be reliable and in good shape. All this is possible only if a few things are taken in consideration before buying [...]

Plan Ahead: Disasters Can Hit Virtual World Too

Disaster in any form-physical or virtual- brings destruction to property and without any emergency plan the loss can be significant. It can be as small as dog eating your homework to as big as loss of large amounts of critical data stored at a place. Dependence on IT is increasing as businesses aim for more [...]

Two Connections, Specially Fast ones, are Better than One

From the earlier forms of the slow internet to the infant form of DSL and advanced modern devices, we have come a long way in technology of communication. Internet has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, do shopping and manage our other common tasks. It started just from sending small packets of data form one [...]

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