6 Ways to prevent Spyware from infecting your computer?

Spyware can get installed on your computer without you even knowing about it. It could create a variety of problems such as monitoring your computer to send to third parties. They take up CPU processing capacity overloading it unnecessarily, as a result of which the speed of your system degrades. Here’s how you can block spyware:

  • Lookout for what you download

You must know exactly what you are downloading and what site you’re downloading it from. Mostly, these programs get downloaded unknowingly. Reading End User License Agreement really helps you in identifying such programs since spyware sometimes are allowed access unintentionally through third-parties once you accept the license agreement.

  • When not to P2P:

In peer-to-peer file sharing, the peers (i.e. users) are downloading files from other peers. But here’s the problem! We don’t know what’s on the other person’s computer. P2P file sharing is one of the most common ways for spyware to get into a computer. You should always prevent the possibility of it getting into your computer.

  • Try using add-ons:

Add-ons usually prevent pop-ads from appearing. Pop-ads are risky since clicking on them can lead to spyware programs getting installed on your computer.

  • Installing anti-virus/anti-spyware:

Installing an anti-spyware program can come in really handy. They attempt to detect viruses/spyware in your computer and remove them. There are lots of vendor solutions out there when it comes to choosing an anti-virus program. Always go for one that is regularly updated. Also, in their documentation, you can find out how strong the anti-virus really is.

Once installed, you must keep the anti-virus program updated.

  • Periodically update your Operating System:

It’s extremely important that your operating system is up-to-date in order to prevent from spyware. Check for updates periodically and also make sure that it’s the latest version released by the vendor.

  • Take control of what devices to connect:

You should know well which devices are connecting to the system. All the devices that offer memory storage must be checked for viruses/spyware.

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