5 Cyber Security measures to Protect your Business

Cyber space is the most accessible and extremely vulnerable place on earth. Anyone who has an internet access can breach cyber security and cause a chaos. This is the time when IT professionals and businesses along with the users must take strong action against cyber space security breaches and make the cyber space a safe place. For businesses using technology, it is of prime importance to take care of cyber security.

Increase in cyber crime

Cybercrime is the most committed crime according to a survey in 2001. Since then it has only been rising and becoming advanced. No simple security measures can protect your cyber space anymore. In year 2014 more than 50 million dollars were lost because of cybercrimes.

No business is free from the threat of cybercrime. It is more likely that IT business firms become easy targets of cybercrime these days. Researches reveal that as small businesses take help from other corporations in managing their data, small businesses become the usual victims of these cybercrimes. Cybercrimes cost you your reputation in the market and make you lose your customers.

Small businesses don’t have a foolproof security system since they are in their initial stages, but they do need customer’s personal information containing credit card info, health data, personal accounts, contact and location etc. This attracts cyber criminals like honey attracts bees. And small businesses are easy targets.

Your business needs safety

No business is safe. You can be the victim of the next cyber-attack and then would have to take recovery steps; so it is better to take precautionary steps beforehand.

Getting SSL certificates

SSL certificates are the soul of internet security. It is a pity that most businesses are unaware of their importance so they don’t invest in SSL certificates. To avoid cyber security, SSL certificates must be your first choice of security as they encrypt sensitive information and only the assigned receiver can decode the information because of SSL certificates. SSL certificates are cheap and give first layer of security to your business.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is the fastest way to secure your business networks. It is a smart technique and requires authentication from two different accounts to pass through and access the data. It might be an inconvenience for some but it is really simple to implement.

Multi-tiered security

Modern day businesses must acknowledge the fact that as technology has advanced so have the threats. Now a single security layer cannot protect your accounts. It is time to implement multiple layered security at different levels. Moreover, it is common sense that if a single security wall is applied all over the business, then if any single part is breached, all the business information and data is accessible to the attacker like a piece of cake.

IT professionals

You need to hire the right people for the right job. Get IT personnel that can understand the system and modern day threats of cyber security more competently than any other. You can either train your existing staff or sign a competent IT support company as a partner.

Cyber security should be your first priority

In the coming years, cybercrimes will increase so cyber security should be your first priority. Implement the mentioned steps and consult with your IT service providers for more specific details.


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